Rituals recently sent me their new Ritual of Karma collection to review, and I loved the concept of the range so much I just couldn’t wait to try it. The idea behind this range is… View Full Post

I’m so into the shell jewellery trend that’s happening right now – it’s super casual and beachy, which is really what I’m all about. I kind of went a little overboard with buying shell jewellery… View Full Post

I feel like looking glowy to the point of almost being overly shiny is kind of my brand now and I’m pretty proud. I’ve tried many products over the years in an attempt to be… View Full Post

Rust has been one of my favourite colours to wear for years, I just think it pairs so well with my hair and skin tone. I got so excited when I saw that rust was… View Full Post

I get so surprised when I hear that some people don’t have an in-flight skincare routine, I don’t know whether it’s because I have such dry skin but I think my face would practically peel… View Full Post