4 Steps to Prepare for Summer 2021

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The freezing winter months are now behind us and summer is well and truly on its way. After all the difficulties we’ve seen over the last twelve months, we could all do with some sunshine and fresh air to dispel the lockdown blues

With restrictions relaxing and the vaccine rollout well underway, there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel. But many of us have become accustomed to spending long periods indoors and remaining socially distant from our loved ones. For many, it might be a little shock to the system to restart social activities, so it’s important to take things slow and do what feels right for you.

To ensure you make the most of the summer months, it’s a good idea to be prepared. This will help you stay comfortable in the heat and have the best time possible after a year of difficulties. Here are four great tips to get you started.

Stay cool

After a long winter, the heat always comes as a shock when summer rolls around. You don’t want to be sweating in your home office or struggling to sleep at night because you were unprepared. Make sure your home is optimized to keep you comfortable when the temperature rises. Switch up any wintery furnishings like soft rugs and thick blankets for lighter, summery options. If your air conditioning unit or fans have been sitting there gathering dust, clean out the filters and turn them on to make sure they are still working. If not, you may need to call in a 24 hour AC repair company to get you up and running.

Update your wardrobe

It’s been a long time since we could go to music festivals, nightclubs, or fancy restaurants for a meal, so it’s understandable that your summer wardrobe might be a little out of date, or you may have some pieces that you no longer feel comfortable in. Go through your wardrobe and donate or sell anything that you no longer wish to wear. If you need some new pieces, have a look online or venture in stores (always remember to shop small where you can, and check out charity shops too!). To shop more sustainably, ask yourself before buying anything how many times you’ll wear something or whether you’re just buying into a trend.

Book ahead

Even though the restrictions are slowly lifting, there will still be social distancing in place for a while. Many dining establishments and hospitality venues are reducing crowds by only accepting a select few reservations. So if you want to make fun plans this summer, you will have to be a little proactive. Book tickets and reservations well in advance otherwise you might end up missing out. 

Start slow

Every single person is experiencing this pandemic differently, and you should not do anything you’re not comfortable with. Meeting large groups of people and spending more time away from home might come as a bit of a shock after living under restrictions for so long. Therefore it’s a good idea not to jump straight back into big things if it feels out of your comfort zone. Start slowly by meeting a couple of friends for a walk outside and gradually build this up as you see fit. It could take a while before you feel normal interacting socially again, but eventually we will return to business as usual.


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