ABH Modern Renaissance Palette REVIEW


I cannot even tell you how excited I was to finally get my hands on this long-awaited palette, sure I may have been so impatient I had to buy it from the U.S. and pay $17 shipping plus £21 in duties and taxes (just my luck!) but it was so worth it! This is honestly one of the most stunning palettes I have ever laid my eyes on, not surprising as it’s from the incredible Anastasia Beverly Hills. Fortunately, this palette is a permanent edition to the line, so you have no rush in grabbing it before it disappears!


This palette is inspired by the paints and resins used by artists during the Renaissance, containing eleven matte shades and three shimmers, perfect for transitioning looks from day to night. This palette also comes with a double-ended eye shadow brush, which although I don’t love because I find the bristles a bit harsh, it’s always a great addition to any palette. The packaging of this palette is also super beautiful, with a lilac-pink velvet-style exterior that really stands out from any other palette I own, plus it has a decent-sized mirror inside!


The colours in this palette range from neutrals to bronzes to the most stunning burgundies and burnt orange shades, honestly I’m in love. The shades are wonderfully pigmented, and the eye shadows themselves are super soft and buttery, blending absolutely perfectly. I really love the slightly more unique shades in this palette, and the warmer tones make this perfect for summer. It’s also really nice to have a palette with more matte finishes, as I have less of those and these are better for building up in the crease and outer-crease to create more definition around the eye. The three shimmers are just as gorgeous though, and really are the perfect finishing touch to any look, plus you can build them up for a more dramatic sparkle in the evening!


I have to say I’m completely obsessed with this palette, the colour variety is incredible and the quality is just out of this world. The shadows are also super creamy, so there’s hardly any fallout which is awesome. All of these shades are relatively easy to wear as well, so I feel like I’m not wasting my money on a palette from which I’ll only use about three shades! The price of this palette is pretty standard in comparison to most other eye shadow palettes, only £41 – or $42 in the States – which is actually fairly decent seeing as you get fourteen different shades, and all of insane quality. Honestly, any beauty junkie absolutely needs this palette, which you can get (with free next day delivery!) here.

Let me know what you guys think of this palette and whether you want to try it or not in the comment section below!

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