Beachy Makeup Essentials

I love summer makeup probably more than any other seasonal makeup – although I’m a huge summer lover in general so I may be biased. In my opinion there’s nothing better than looking like a bronzed, glowing goddess: the ultimate beachy makeup look.

My preferred makeup look is anything beachy, I generally wear this all-year round (though I might throw on a red/dark lip for A/W). I just love the bronze and gold tones that come with beachy makeup, and I find it to be the most flattering for my hair colour and complexion.

I’ve tested many different products to give me the look I want, and I’ve finally found the ultimate beachy makeup products. These are essentials I’ll repurchase time and time again because they’re that good, so I figured I’d share them with you!


This palette has the design of a shell printed on top and it’s called the Ocean Jewels palette – I really don’t know how much more beachy you can get. This has a range of mattes, shimmers, duo-chromes and metallics, giving you options from neutrals to iridescent jewels. 

I love that you can create a classic, bronzed smoky eye with this palette, or go all out with a super iridescent blue/purple/green duo-chrome. My favourite shades are ‘Ocean Jasper’ and ‘Mermaid Pearl’ (the two topper shades), they’re just so unique and create a beautiful dimension to any eye look.


You can’t go wrong with a classic coral for summer – it pairs with the beachy theme (coral, it’s in the ocean – you get the link?) and it really makes your tan pop. This is the only lipstick I take on holiday with me, it’s a satin finish so it’s really comfortable to wear but also doesn’t slip off your lips at all.


I almost solely use cream face products on holiday – it’s just a lot quicker and easier, plus it means I don’t have to travel with a million brushes. I usually opt for a nude blush, but in summer I go for a slightly more peachy blush to add a pop of colour.

I love this blush because it gives you a really natural flush of colour, almost like the flush your skin gets in the sun. This also gives a natural sheen to the skin, so it doesn’t make you look too matte or flat.


This is my favourite liquid highlighter ever ever ever. It’s a light champagne shade so it gives you a beautiful, golden hour highlight. Because this is a cream it looks incredibly natural, and literally melts right into the skin.

It’s super easy to apply too, and blends completely effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about this leaking everywhere whilst travelling either; it has a lock on the applicator so it’s completely travel-friendly.


I never want to cover my skin that much on holiday (or ever, really) but I still want to even out my skin and create a healthy, glowing base. This is the best foundation I’ve ever tried for that kind of look; it makes my skin look completely even but doesn’t cover up anything.

This also has the most beautiful finish, it makes my skin look so hydrated and radiant – I can’t get enough.


Oh look, a third BECCA product. But really, they’re the best brand for beachy makeup so you need their products. I love this because it’s super bronzy, but it also contains the ‘Opal’ highlighter so you get a really glowy bronze.

This is great to travel with because you have both a bronzer and highlight in one, and I really love radiant bronzers in summer so this is a holy grail for me.


So those are my beachy makeup essentials! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what your summer makeup essentials are. See you next time,

A x


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