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I recently found the most amazing website, Rose’s Beauty Store, that sells products that are usually only available in the U.S. to customers pretty much all over the world! I don’t know if this is just news to me and if you guys already knew about it, but just in case you haven’t heard of it I thought I’d share my discovery with you. This website is a complete game changer for me, because I can now get products I thought I’d never get my hands on (did somebody say Milk Makeup?). To make things even more exciting, they recently launched a new sister site called Roses24, so if you’re a U.K. customer you can get select products within 24 hours of ordering!

One of my favourite things about this website is that you can actually request certain products that you want, and they’ll do their best to get it for you. Although I haven’t bought anything from their website yet (trust me I plan to), from what I’ve read their customer service is amazing and the people running the site are lovely, so you have nothing to worry about. I decided today that I’d compile a sort of wishlist of everything I want to buy from their site, which hopefully will give you a good idea of the brands they have on offer, and maybe give you some ideas of what you’d like to purchase!


Milk Makeup Holographic Stick in ‘Supernova’ – £34.95


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in ‘That Glow’ – £45


Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in ‘Bramble’ – £28


Kylie Lip Kit in ‘Posie K’ – £45


Lorac Pro 3 Palette – £49.95


Lorac Take Me To TANtego Tantalizer Bronzer Palette and Brush Set – £30


Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette – £64.95


Makeup Forever Artist Palette Volume 1 ‘Nudes’ – £44

So that’s the list of products I’d love to buy from Rose’s Beauty Store – I can’t believe they sell Kylie Lip Kits! Although the prices are a little more expensive than if you bought them in America, you have to remember that they are being shipped from the U.S. which adds to the cost, plus you’re getting items that are almost impossible to buy unless you’re in the states – I personally would prefer to pay a little more to get a legit product than buy something for cheap online and it turns out to be a fake. I can’t believe it took me so long before I found this website, but I’m so glad I found it now, especially just in time for Christmas!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever bought anything from this website, or what some of the products you’d most like to get your hands on are. See you next time!


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