Beauty Risks That Are Worth Taking

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If you have an adventurous side, you might be used to taking risks in your life. You might visit places you have never been to before, eat foods you’ve never tried, or take part in activities that require courage and bravery.

When you take risks, you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around you. In short, you have the opportunity to grow.

But what about your beauty practices? Do you throw caution to the wind or do you err on the side of caution? Many of us opt for the latter as we don’t want to risk regretting a big change. But here’s the thing: some beauty risks are worth taking. We might actually enhance our looks in the process!

Here are a few beauty risks that are worth considering:

#1: Body piercings

Earrings are one thing, but nose rings? Belly button rings? Nipple piercings? While you might appreciate the different piercings people wear on their bodies, you might be reluctant to try it out yourself, especially if you’re worried about the pain. But what if these piercings look good on you? Body jewelry can complement the outfits you wear and, dare we say it, also make you look sexy. So, don’t assume you have to be a certain age or type of person to pull off a nose ring – you can be trendy too, so follow this link on where to buy body jewelry and purchase something that can add to your sense of style. 

#2: Make your own beauty products

Many of us buy the same beauty products week in and week out. There’s nothing wrong with this, especially if they work for us. But beauty products can be expensive, so you might want to consider making your own; it’s not only personalised, but fun too! Sure, there is the risk that your DIY efforts won’t be as effective as what you buy in the store, but then again you might make something amazing – perhaps even better than your favorite brand! Heck, you might even get to start your own beauty label if you create something spectacular. So, experiment at home with these homemade beauty products and expand on them if you have your own creative ideas. 

#3: Do something different with your hair

If you have had long hair all your life, why not go for a shorter bob to revamp your look? If it doesn’t look good on you, don’t worry, your hair will grow back! But then again, you might be happy with what you see in the mirror. And the same applies if you have always had short hair. Growing your hair might be just what you need to do to refresh your looks, especially if you go for one of these trendy long hairstyles

Alternatively, how about a different color? You don’t have to dye your hair in bright pinks or blues (although you might), as you could turn your brown hair to blonde, or vice versa. A new hair color could radically change your overall appearance, and while there is a risk you won’t like it, the opposite might also be true. 

What beauty risks do you need to take? Alongside our ideas, you could also switch up your fashion style or try a wild and different makeup look. 

Think about it and dare to take a risk! It’s always fun to switch things up, and if it doesn’t work for you then you can always switch back.


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