Beauty Stones Green Tea Mask REVIEW

Beauty Stones Green Tea Mask REVIEW

I was recently sent a green tea sheet mask from the lovely people at Beauty Stones, and I couldn’t wait to try it out! I’m a huge fan of sheet masks, they’re really great for adding moisture back into the skin and leaving you looking glowing! The green tea in this mask also helps to calm and eliminate blemishes, which I’m so down for because my skin has been having a few issues recently.

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The first thing I noticed about this mask is that the fabric of the mask itself is super delicate, which feels amazing and lightweight on the skin but makes it really easy to tear (yes okay, I tore it, I’m an idiot). But once the mask was on it felt so cooling and refreshing, and afterwards my skin felt a lot softer and more even. Although it didn’t totally get rid of my blemishes, it did calm them so I’m pretty impressed by this mask, I’d definitely be interested in trying out some of the others!

Beauty Stones have six different masks on offer which you can check out here, and you can buy six for $35 (around £26). Plus, you can use my code ‘AUBURN15’ to get a 15% discount!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments which one of the masks you’d be interested in trying. See you next time!


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