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As every blogger knows, you can never have too many blogging props. Whilst researching where to get some new ones, I stumbled upon the amazing web app ‘Faver’. Faver has only just launched, and I can’t tell you how much I genuinely love it – it’s amazing!

It’s a web app that’s a little bit like Pinterest in the way that you can pin (or in this case, fave) items you like the look of and also add them to a wishlist. However, this app also lets you buy directly from the website – instead of spending hours researching where to buy that one product you saw on Pinterest, this app does it all for you!

The homepage of Faver

Here’s how the founder, Alex Reekie, describes Faver:

“Faver is your personal gift finder and discovery marketplace.

Faver is a web-app for both desktop and mobile, which allows you to fave products you like the look of.
Each and every time you fave something, Faver gets to know you better, and your Suggestions page will update itself with a list of products we think you’ll love. The best part? Faver is social. If any of your facebook friends are on Faver, you’ll not only be able to see what they’re faving, but what their Suggestions are too.
So now you can shop for your friends and family with inspiration and confidence.”
The app connects to your Facebook, so you can also see what your friends have faved and added to their wishlist (a brilliant way to find presents for birthdays/Christmas!). It also gives you suggestions on items you might like based on items you’ve faved, so you can find products you never knew existed but definitely need in your life.
Here are the items on my Blogging Props wishlist:

Photo Credit: Lights4fun

I definitely recommend you go check out this app right now, you can log on here – be warned though, it’s addictive!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what you think of this awesome app! See you next time,
A x
(This post is not sponsored in any way, all opinions are my own)

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