Blogmas 2017 Day 18: My Winter Skincare Routine

I pride myself on my skincare routine being somewhat full on, but it becomes another level of intense during winter. I have crazy dry skin so it’s really important that I keep my skin hydrated, especially in this awfully cold weather.

I’ve changed a lot of things around in my skincare routine but I think I’ve finally found something that works for me, so I thought I’d share it with you guys for day 18 of Blogmas!


I’m a big believer in the cleanser followed by toner routine – I’ve been doing it since I was about six years old and it hasn’t failed me yet! I’ve tried so many cleansers over the years and always wanted to get into micellar water, but every kind I tried irritated my skin – except this one. This Yes To Coconut micellar water cleanses my skin really well and does a fairly decent job at removing my makeup (although I am a double cleanser in an evening). It’s also really hydrating, which is essential for me, and doesn’t irritate my skin!

The Simple toner is a holy grail item for me, it’s the only toner I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot) that doesn’t dry out and irritate my skin because it’s completely free of alcohol. This just helps to balance out my skin, minimise pores and keep it feeling smooth. I also couldn’t live without an eye makeup remover, and this one from Nivea is the one I keep going back to. It completely removes all my makeup in seconds without irritating my eyes – I love it!


Although I want my skin to be really moisturised and hydrated throughout the day, I hate using something heavy like oils. The Yes To Carrots moisturiser is perfect; it’s very rich and thick so it makes my skin feel so hydrated but it also sinks into the skin really quickly and feels very lightweight. I always have to use the Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary first though, just to get an added bit of moisture! I also use this in my nighttime routine before my evening moisturiser.

If I ever have any breakouts then my total miracle product is the Clinique Clinical Clearing Gel. It honestly gets rid of any blemishes practically overnight, but I always apply it during the day too just to keep any skin problems at bay.

Of course I couldn’t forget lip balm, which I use religiously throughout the day. My absolute holy grail is the Burt’s Bees lip balm, but I’ve recently really been loving the balm dot com from Glossier. Whenever I put this on before I go to sleep I wake up with insanely soft lips – it’s a miracle product. I love using this before doing my makeup so my lips are prepped and primed for when I’m ready to apply lipstick.


My absolute favourite beauty tool ever is the Foreo – it keeps my skin clean, soft and stops me getting weird bumps along my jaw from my dry skin. I use this every night, and it works so well with the Yes To Coconut creme cleanser to remove any dirt and dead skin from my face without stripping it of any essential oils. 

If I’m wearing more makeup than usual I’ll also use my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to remove most of my makeup before going in with my Foreo, just to make sure my skin is extra clean (yes I know, I’m that freak who occasionally triple cleanses their face).

About 2-3 times a week I like to exfoliate my skin – I don’t like to do it any more than that as my skin is super dry and my Foreo is already exfoliating. Depending on how dull my skin is looking, I’ll either use the Effekt-Peeling from ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND to remove any dead skin cells, or the Peeling Solution from The Ordinary if my skin needs something a little more extreme. Pharrell said he looks so young because he constantly exfoliates, so I make sure that this is a priority in my skincare routine.

After all of my exfoliating, cleansing and toning, it’s onto moisturiser. I go pretty heavy with moisturiser in the evening because my skin seriously needs it. My absolute favourite moisturiser is the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser for Dry/Sensitive skin – it’s so thick and moisturising so it makes the perfect night cream.

In the winter I have about four facial oils on rotation and I’ll use anywhere between one and three of them a night, depending on how dry my skin is. My four favourites are The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil, The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane, Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate and the Nude Repair Oil. Slathering my face in moisturiser and facial oils is definitely my favourite part of my skincare routine – there’s just nothing better than feeling hydrated!

So that’s my skincare routine! I know it seems a little intense (I have about five steps during the day and at most about eleven steps at night – what can I say, I’m insane!) but it really works for me, and it honestly doesn’t take that much time at all. I personally believe that having a good skincare routine at as early an age as possible is so important, so I don’t mind putting in that extra effort.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what your skincare routine is like. See you for day 19 tomorrow,

A x


  1. December 18, 2017 / 2:13 PM

    I love that you have a daytime and a nighttime routine I do too! This time of year dries my skin out so badly I need a good skinecare routine, these posts are so helpful! Xx

  2. Rachel
    December 28, 2017 / 2:50 PM

    I love looking at skin care routines because I’m the worst for remembering to look after my skin properly! It’s always good for inspiration. The ordinary is a fantastic brand for helping your skin

    Rachel //

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