Blogmas Day 12: My Family Christmas Traditions

Blogmas Day 12: My Family Christmas Traditions

It’s the final day of Blogmas! For the twelfth day, I decided to write up my family’s Christmas traditions. We always make sure we spend lots of time together as a family at Christmas, so we’ve created some pretty great traditions over the years! Here they are.

  • Buying an ornament every year. Every year we take a trip to London to buy an ornament each from Selfridges. We always love seeing London lit up for Christmas, and it makes every bauble a little more special.
  • Decorating the tree. So I know decorating the tree isn’t exactly a tradition, but it’s the way my family does it that makes it special. Beforehand, we cook a variety of party foods to snack on whilst decorating, and then we each take it in turns to put an ornament on the tree. We also play some Christmas music, and it’s such a fun way to get into the festive spirit.
  • Gingerbread cookies. Me and my brother make and decorate gingerbread cookies together every year whilst listening to Christmas music. They always taste amazing and it’s a really nice way for me and my brother to spend time together.
  • Christmas jumpers. Every year on Christmas Eve we all wear a Christmas jumper. This makes us even more excited about the next day, and is just a cute thing to do as a family!
  • Christmas pyjamas. A tradition passed down from my mum’s family to ours is Christmas pyjamas. Every Christmas Eve we unwrap our special Christmas PJ’s – it’s like an early Christmas present! It’s sort of an odd tradition, but it’s something really special to our family.
  • Early(ish) bedtime. Even as me and my brother get older, we always have to go to bed before our mum and dad! This started because they had to put out our presents when we were asleep, and it just kind of stuck!
  • Christmas games. After Christmas dinner we always have to play a variety of games. We usually play Heads Up at the dinner table (which is always hysterical!), and then we tend to play Cluedo or Monopoly later on that day.

So those are my Christmas Traditions! I hope you all enjoyed this and the rest of my Blogmas posts, it’s been so much fun and I can’t wait to do something even bigger and better next year. Let me know in the comments what your family Christmas traditions are, and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas/festive period! See you next time!


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