Blogmas Day 2: My Favourite Festive Things to Watch

Blogmas Day 2: My Favourite Festive Things to Watch

I love TV and movies any time of the year, but there’s something special about TV Christmas Specials and festive movies that you can rewatch over and over. For the second day of Blogmas I decided to compile a list of my favourite things to watch over the festive season, here they are!


The Santa Clause Trilogy

I love this series, I’ve been watching these movies since I was a kid and they never fail to make me laugh. My favourite is probably the third movie, but I’d definitely recommend you watch them all if you haven’t already.


Fred Claus

This is a really unique twist on the classic Santa Claus story and that’s one of the reasons I absolutely love it. It’s both hilarious and heart-warming, and so easy to watch over and over again.


The Holiday

The Holiday is not only one of my favourite Christmas films, but also one of my favourite films ever. I watch this movie no matter the time of year and it never fails to make me smile. It’s so funny, moving and heart-warming, plus it stars four of my favourite actors ever, so you can’t go wrong! I’m still waiting for someone to write me a song using only the good notes, though.


Christmas with the Kranks

This is possibly one of the most perfect Christmas films; it’s so funny but also makes me cry because of how kind the characters are. I urge you all to watch this if you haven’t already.


White Christmas

Such a classic Christmas film, I love delving into what seems like an entirely different world with older films and this one is so joyful and Christmassy! The songs and outfits are amazing too, definitely give this a watch if you haven’t already seen it.


Love Actually

I have never known a person to not like Love Actually, it has an incredible cast and follows the stories of so many different characters through their ups and downs. It’s something I rewatch every year and it never fails to make me happy.


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

It’s tradition that every year me and my brother watch this film together and we absolutely love it. It’s hilarious and it has a great moral to the story, plus it shows the importance of family.



I couldn’t not have included Elf on this list, it’s my ultimate favourite Christmas movie ever. I was a huge fan of Will Ferrell before I even knew this film existed (I was, and still am, obsessed with Step Brothers, Talladega Nights and Anchorman), so of course when I found out he had a Christmas film it was going to become my favourite. I’ve been watching this every Christmas for so many years now and it never gets old, it just makes me laugh so much.


The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Specials

If you have never watched The Vicar of Dibley then I strongly urge you to watch the entire show, it was one of my favourite shows when I was growing up and I still love watching the reruns on Gold that never fail to make me laugh. My favourite Christmas episode is ‘Merry Christmas’, which includes a chocolate fountain and a very drunk vicar. Honestly, it makes me cry with laughter, you seriously have to watch it.

My Family

My Family Christmas Specials

Another show I grew up on, My Family Christmas Specials are absolutely hilarious, as is the entire show! This is another series I would definitely recommend if you haven’t seen it before, it’s a classic British comedy that never gets old.


 The Royle Family Christmas Specials

My final favourite is another childhood show that I absolutely adored, The Royle Family. Having family from Yorkshire, there are so many elements of this show that are relatable to me and therefore make me laugh that much harder. The Christmas Specials are especially hilarious, my favourite being when Denise tries to defrost the turkey in the bathtub. It’s a timeless comedy that is definitely worth watching.

So those are my favourite things to watch over Christmas! Let me know in the comments what you love watching during the festive period. See you tomorrow for day three of Blogmas!



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