Blogmas Day 5: Gift Guide Part 2

Blogmas Day 5: Gift Guide Part 2

For yesterday’s Blogmas post I did Part One of my Christmas Gift Guide, and now here’s Part Two. I’ll be giving gift ideas for more different types of people, enjoy!

The Potterhead


Authentic House Scarf – £26.95

Any Harry Potter fan needs their house scarf (my house being Slytherin, of course), plus it’s a really handy thing to have during winter! This is an awesome gift to receive, and it’s always important to show your house pride so this gift would definitely go down a treat. Grab one here.


Marauder’s Map Heat Changing Mug – £12

This would be an awesome gift even for someone who isn’t a Harry Potter fan (do they even exist?), the mug starts off as black with footprints and then becomes the map when hot liquid is added! It totally mirrors the magic of the map in the film and is just amazing, I found it here.


Personalised Hogwarts Acceptance Letter – £15

I’m sure we all know the disappointment of waking up on your eleventh birthday to the hopes of your Hogwarts acceptance letter to no avail, however now all of our dreams can come true! Okay, so you don’t actually get to attend Hogwarts, but being sent this letter by a friend or a loved one is such a cute idea, and is sure to make an amazing and memorable Christmas present. I found this one from here.



Clinique Tiny Temptations Set – £68

Clinique Chubby Sticks are perfect for easy application and throwing in your handbag, so this set with so many shades is awesome! You get twenty miniature Chubby Sticks in this set so you can always have one with you, plus there’s so many shades to create a bunch of different looks with. I found this set at Selfridges.


Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch – £90

Charlotte Tilbury makeup is some of the best makeup on the market in my opinion, so this set would be well received by any makeup lover. It comes with a full-sized eyeshadow palette and lipstick, as well as miniature lip liner, eyeliner and mascara – you definitely get a lot for the price! You can get this here.


Beauty Bay The Heroes in Dark Collection – £60

This kit is full of cult beauty products that every makeup addict needs, so this kit would definitely make a great gift. From brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Makeup Geek to Morphe and BeautyBlender, you get a great variety of products for an awesome price – pick one up from Beauty Bay.

The Aspiring Chef


The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book – £10.95

If you’ve ever watched Bob’s Burgers, you’ll know that Bob does a pun-named burger of the day every single day – or every single episode for us in the real world. This book has recipes for every burger of the day, from ‘New Bacon-ings’ to ‘If Looks Could Kale’, you can make every classic from the brilliant show. This is a hilarious gift that is sure to go down a treat – get it here.

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking Masterclass – $90 (around £70)

Gordon Ramsay is my favourite chef, and for only $90 you can take part in his most intense and comprehensive masterclass ever. This is an incredible gift to give someone who loves to cook and wants to take their hobby a step further, you can pre-enroll your recipient (or yourself) here.


‘I Have No Idea What I’m Doing’ Apron – £18.50

Every chef needs an apron, and this one is especially funny. This is the perfect gift because it’s both useful and amusing, and is sure to make the whole family laugh! I found this one at Cafe Press.

The Adventurer


GoPro HERO5 Session Camcorder – £249

Every adventurer needs something to record their travels, and this GoPro is perfect. It has 4K video, plus it’s waterproof and it has Wi-Fi, making this the perfect camcorder to film every destination. Although it’s quite pricey, this will definitely be a well-used and well-loved present. Get one here.


Scratch Map – £20

When you travel a lot, sometimes it can become easy to forget exactly which places you have travelled to and which places you want to visit. This map allows you to scratch off all the destinations you’ve visited, which is essential for any traveller! This also looks stylish too, so it’s a total win-win. I found this one at Urban Outfitters.


Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool and Paraframe Mini Fine Edged Knife – £48.99

A multi-tool is an essential for any adventurer, and this one has everything you would ever need. It’s also gift-boxed, making this an even more perfect present for Christmas. I found this one here.

So that was the final part of my gift guide! Let me know in the comments if you found this guide helpful or not and what items you’d like for Christmas. See you tomorrow for day six of Blogmas!


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