Chanel Rouge Coco Shine REVIEW


As somebody who is fairly obsessive when it comes to buying lipsticks, it was about time for me to try out one from Chanel, especially a classic like the Coco Shine Lipstick! I was very excited to try this, because of course Chanel is such a well-loved brand, so I had incredibly high expectations for this lipstick.


This lipstick costs £25, which I would say is a little bit pricey for what it is. You get a pretty average amount of product, but it is good quality and it’s really smooth and easy to apply. The packaging of this lipstick is very typical of Chanel, minimalist but still remaining incredible chic. The thing I like most about this lipstick is that it’s super moisturising, which makes the price a little more justifiable if you think of it as a 2-in-1 product!


I bought this lipstick in the shade “Flirt”, a really beautiful, shimmery coral shade which is perfect for Spring/Summer. I love the very light hint of shimmer in this lipstick, which reflects light very prettily off of the lips, and gives the illusion of a slightly more pout-y mouth. However, this shade is incredibly sheer, which I quite like for the Summer when I want to look a bit more natural, but if you want a more intense colour then this lipstick might not be for you. The colour is buildable, although only to a certain extent, so it still remains fairly sheer due to the glossy nature of this lipstick.

I am a big fan of this lipstick, and find myself reaching for it on slightly warmer days, however the price tag is quite high for what the product is. I think this is a really great product if you want to treat yourself or if you’re bought it as a present, but there are products very similar to this for much cheaper!

If you are interested in buying this product, you can get it here!


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