Creating An Effortless Summer Style

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The summertime is a period of lovely weather and trips to the beach… in theory! In practice, it’s often a lot hotter than you were expecting, and you might find it hard to stay comfortable dressing in your current style, but you’re just not sure how to change it. 

Well, we’ve got some excellent tips for you below. Summer should be a period of fun and comfortable fashion, because you don’t want to work up a sweat just deciding what to wear in the morning! So, here are a few summer style tips to help you out! 

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Don’t Be Afraid to Uncover

The summertime is hot, and when you’re covered head to toe in fabric, you’re going to overheat – it’s that simple! For a lot of people, that’s a sacrifice they feel they have to make; a lot of people aren’t comfortable showing off some skin, even if that would be better for their health. 

So that’s why it’s a good idea to buy clothes that are light and easily to layer. Items such as one pieces, like playsuits or bodysuits, as well as sheer, light cardigans paired with vest and shorts, can help you to stay comfortable whilst still being able to remove a layer if it gets too warm. 

Keep Clothes Light and Linen

Linen is a great material to be dressing in in the summer months, as it’s just as light and breathy as cotton, but it’s a lot stronger and a little more dense. That means any Linen Dresses you buy right now, to make sure you’re both looking good and staying cool, can be worn time and time again without worry. Linen might even be a bit better at keeping the sun off of your back than its cotton counterpart! 

Linen should come in light colours, to make sure you’re dressing like it’s summertime and you’re reflecting as many of those rays away from your skin as possible. Plus it’s a lot more fun to mix and match bright and light colours together, but more on that below. 

Bright Colours are Better Than Dark Tones!

The summer is all about brightness and light and colour, and that’s something you should apply to your own wardrobe. You should be using plenty of reds and greens and yellows, pastels or not, to help keep you cool when the sun is beating down overhead. Not to mention just how good certain colour combinations can look with the tanned skin you’re going to get! 

So try to mix and match as much as possible here. Floral prints or stripes are a good place to start, but ombré tone flowing dresses will steal the show on any street or beach you walk down! 

An effortless summer style is essential when June rolls around, to ensure you’re staying cool and not losing your mind over trying to dress right. Make sure you keep tips like those above in mind for mixing and matching your clothes this summertime, as it’s set to be a hot one!


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