Dressing Up Biker Boots | Autumn Edit

Come autumn, I’m all about clashing feminine silhouettes with something a little edgier (whilst always staying somewhat bohemian, of course). The easiest way to do this? Flowy dresses and biker boots – preferably Dr. Martens.

This autumn I’m really trying to channel my inner Stevie Nicks as much as possible – nobody does bohemian-rocker chic better. This kind of look is also a great way to transition your spring/summer dresses into autumn (because what we aren’t about to do is take part in fast fashion).

I’ve styled two different dresses with my beloved DMs so that you can get a good idea of how to wear this look!


I’m obsessed with the skirt on this dress, it’s so flowy and kind of makes me feel like a salsa dancer. The bright red shade is the perfect way to add a pop of colour into your outfit, and pairing it with a jumper gives you some much needed warmth for this cold weather.

Adding the DMs creates a far edgier look, and contrasts so perfectly with the bohemian style of the dress. Depending on how edgy you want to be, you could also pair this with a leather jacket for a more rock-y look, or keep it softer with a jumper in a lighter shade.


I always feel like I’m a part of AHS Coven when I wear this outfit and I’m so into it. This ASOS dress gives me edgy 70s vibes (I especially love the buttons), and I paired it with a lace cami so it wasn’t as low-cut.

This all-black outfit is already quite edgy, so adding the boots really amps up the rocker vibe. The flared skirt still gives a feminine aspect to the look though, and you could always wear a different coloured cami if you wanted a pop of colour. 

So those are my two favourite ways to pair dresses with my DMs, let me know in the comments which outfit was your favourite! See you next time,

A x

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