My Entire Colourpop Collection

It’s easy to say that Colourpop are one of my favourite beauty brands – I’ve never tried a product that I don’t love and the quality you get for the price is insane

I’ve amassed quite the collection of Colourpop products over the past year and a half (I have 24 Super Shock Shadows!), and since I recently received another huge order, it only felt right to show you guys my collection. I also thought this might be helpful for those of you who want to make a Colourpop order but have no idea what to get (because trust me, they have a lot of options), so if you’re struggling to make a decision then just keep on reading (and also grab some snacks, because this is going to be a long one)!


Colourpop’s pressed eyeshadows have one of my favourite ever formulas, they’re super smooth and easy to blend and they definitely pack a lot of pigment. Both the mattes and shimmers are amazing quality, every single shade just performs so well. I have 14 pressed shadows in total, 4 of which I keep in an empty Colourpop palette and the other 10 which I keep in my Z-Palette.


  • ‘GLASS BULL’ – duochrome lavender icy-blue
  • ‘YOU KNOW THE DRILL’ – metallic warm gold
  • ‘HIGH STRUNG’ – metallic rose gold
  • SAVE IT FOR LATER’ – metallic light bronze
  • ‘LABYRINTH’ – matte dusty pink
  • ‘WAKE UP CALL’ – matte warm sand
  • ‘POPULAR DEMAND’ – matte deep reddish-brown
  • ‘RINGER’ – champagne shimmer with gold glitter
  • ‘COME AND GET IT’ – pink shimmer with gold glitter
  • ‘TOP NOTCH’ – matte deep warm brown


  • ‘TIKI’ – matte yellow with gold glitter
  • ‘CENTERFOLD’ – matte bright coral (pigment)
  • ‘FOR SHORE’ – matte neon pink (pigment
  • ‘SAY I DO’ – matte baby pink

L-R: ‘Glass Bull’, ‘Save It For Later’, ‘You Know The Drill’, ‘Labyrinth’, ‘Ringer’, ‘High Strung’, ‘Wake Up Call’, ‘Come And Get It’, ‘Popular Demand’, ‘Top Notch’

The thing I love about Colourpop shadows is that they’re so cheap ($4!), so you can get some really bright, fun shades to get creative with as well as tons of shades that you know you’ll love and not worry about breaking the bank. 

My absolute favourite pressed shadow that I own is ‘Glass Bull’, it’s so unique and really works with the ocean jewel tones that I’m loving at the moment. I also really love ‘Ringer’ and ‘You Know The Drill’ for a delicate, gold eye look, and you can’t beat a bit of ‘Wake Up Call’ in the crease!

If you’ve never tried Colourpop’s pressed shadows then you seriously need to get on it, they’re some of the best shadows I’ve ever used.

L-R: ‘Tiki’, ‘Centerfold’, ‘For Shore’, ‘Say I Do’


I haven’t tried many of Colourpop’s face products – I really want to try their bronzers but my shade is always sold out. I am a huge fan of their concealers though, the No-Filter Concealer is actually now one of my favourite ever concealers. It has a matte finish without being too drying, and it’s perfectly full coverage – what more could you ask for? The flat applicator makes it really easy to apply too, and it’s only $6 – you need to try it.

The only Colourpop brush I own is the Small Fluff Brush, which is amazing for highlight. It’s really soft and blends well, plus it makes your highlight look so intense in the best possible way.

I also have a Super Shock Highlighter in the shade ‘On My Mind’ which I actually use as a blush topper. I was on the hunt for a really glowy blush and this is the perfect thing, it looks beautiful and dewy applied over another blush, but I also love applying it on it’s own when I want more minimal makeup for a subtle, peachy glow.

The Super Shock Highlighters are $8 each and the brushes range from $5-$11, so they’re definitely worth checking out!

L-R: Super Shock Highlighter in ‘On My Mind’, No-Filter Concealer in ‘Light’, No-Filter Concealer in ‘Medium’


I don’t own that many lip products from Colourpop, and I definitely don’t own the most popular ones. I’m not really a liquid lipstick kind of person so I haven’t really tried out that many of those formulas, but I do have a couple that I quite like.

I have the Ultra Satin Lip in ‘Aquarius’ which I love the colour of, it’s a really pretty salmon-nude which is perfect for fair skin tones. The formula of the USL’s is a lot better than other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried because it’s not too drying, but I hate the way thick lipstick looks on my lips (I don’t know, I’m weird) so I only really use this for makeup looks. If you like liquid lipstick though then I guarantee you’d love this.

I like the Ultra Blotted Lips a lot more because they’re less of a liquid lipstick and more of a sheer tint which stops me from feeling like my lips look too makeup-y. I have the shade ‘Doozy’ which is the most beautiful rosy-pink and is practically all I wear in summer. I love the Blotted Lips for this reason too – they come in a stick form (which I already prefer) and apply like a sheer but matte tint, they’re totally gorgeous! No one talks about the blotted formulas and that upsets me so much, they’re my favourites!

I have two Lippie Stix, one which is a satin and another which is the Matte X formula. I really like both of these, they’re super pigmented in just one swipe and last ages on the lips, but again I have to smudge these out because I hate the way a lot of lipstick looks on me.

All of Colourpop’s lip products range between $5 and $6.50, so I’d definitely recommend picking some up.

L-R: Blotted Lips in ‘Sucker’, ‘Ice Cube’ and ‘Drip, Lippie Stix in ‘Goal Digger’ and ‘Lumière’, USL in ‘Aquarius’, UBL in ‘Doozy’


Now the part that everyone’s been waiting for – Super Shock Shadows. They’re easily Colourpop’s most popular product and for good reason, they’re totally awesome. This formula lasts all day on the lid without creasing, blends easily and has incredible pigment – I love them (and they’re only $5!)

I actually have so many that I’m going to organise this by finish so that I’m not just listing off 24 different shades.


I don’t own that many metallic or pearlised finishes because there are only so many shades in these formulas that I like, but these three are absolutely stunning and look amazing as toppers or inner corner highlights.

The top left shade is ‘Super Hard Core’ which is a gorgeous inner corner highlight. It’s a very light champagne that brightens up eyes instantly and has an almost wet-look because of the pearlised finish.

The top right shade is ‘Peekaboo’, a metallic ivory with silver glitter. I love adding this to my inner corner when I really want to pack a punch, and it looks so pretty packed onto the lid too.

The bottom shade is ‘Puppy Love’ which is a stunning ivory with a pink shift that looks amazing tapped on top of other shadows to add some dimension. This is one of my favourite shades too because all proceeds are donated to dog shelters in LA!

L-R: ‘Puppy Love’, ‘Super Hard Core’, ‘Peekaboo’


The Colourpop matte SSS’s are perfect for buffing into your crease or deepening up the outer third. These are probably the ones I reach for less because I don’t always want a matte finish to my eye look, but they’re still amazing. My favourite shade is definitely ‘Hanky Panky’, it’s the perfect warm-toned crease shade.

  • ‘CORNELIOUS’ – warm caramel
  • ‘BRADY’ – dusty pink
  • ‘HANKY PANKY’ – warm beige
  • ‘MELROSE’ – deep warm-toned rust

L-R: ‘Hanky Panky’, ‘Brady’, ‘Cornelious’, ‘Melrose’


The SSS satin formula used to be my absolute favourite, and they still hold a special place in my heart. I like these a lot because they aren’t as flat as a matte finish and they still add a touch of sheen to the eyes.

One of my favourite eyeshadows ever is also part of the satin family: the beautiful dusty beige pink that is ‘Wattles’ (that I love so much that I bought a backup). I especially love this shade because you can blend it all over your lid and into your crease and actually look like you’ve made an effort – it’s a lazy girl’s dream.

  • ‘PARADOX’ – warm burgundy
  • ‘DRIFT’ – cranberry with silver glitter
  • ‘WATTLES’ – dusty beige pink 
  • ‘ONE BY ONE’ – peachy orange

L-R: ‘One By One’, ‘Wattles’, ‘Drift’, ‘Paradox’


The Colourpop Ultra-Glitters are my absolute favourite formula ever – clearly, since I have 12 of them. I’m all about glowing all over my entire face, and these definitely help me with that. Although these are very glittery, it’s not really a ‘whack you in the face’ kind of glitter, it actually looks more glamorous and radiant on the eye – and extra special when it catches the light.

It’s way too hard to pick a favourite of these because I love them all so much, but if I had to pick some then they would be ‘Sailor’, ‘DGAF’, ‘Amaze’ and ‘Paisley’. Oh, and ‘A Little Quarky’ and ‘Coronado’ too. What can I say, they’re all awesome. If you only buy one Super Shock Shadow then please make it an Ultra-Glitter.

  • ‘GET LUCKY’ – muted glittery gold
  • ‘PAISLEY’ – sheer golden ivory with champagne and pink glitter
  • ‘CORONADO’ – soft pink undertone with gold multi-dimensional glitter
  • ‘SAILOR’ – warm beige with multi-coloured glitter

L-R: ‘Sailor’, ‘Paisley’, ‘Coronado’, ‘Get Lucky’

  • ‘BIRTHDAY GIRL’ – light bronze with silver and pink glitter
  • ‘AMAZE’ – peachy gold with multi-dimensional glitter
  • ‘A LITTLE QUARKY’ – peachy gold with blue and silver glitter
  • ‘LA LA’ – glittery soft copper

L-R: ‘A Little Quarky’, ‘La La’, ‘Amaze’, ‘Birthday Suit’

  • ‘NILLIONAIRE’ – bronze with pink and gold glitter
  • ‘COSMIC CHARGE’ – warm taupe with blue glitter
  • ‘DGAF’ – rusty brown with multi-dimensional gold glitter
  • ‘DEEP DIVE’ – bronze with purple and gold glitter

L-R: ‘DGAF’, ‘Deep Dive’, ‘Cosmic Charge’, ‘Nillionaire’

So that’s my entire Colourpop Collection! I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what your favourite things are from Colourpop. See you next time,

-A x


  1. March 15, 2018 / 8:32 PM

    This blog post is amazing, so thoughtful and the photos are gorgeous! I am obsessed with Colourpop, I agree that the quality is beyond incredible for the price. I am also a huge fan of the No Filter concealer, I couldn’t believe how good it was when I first used it as I wasn’t expecting much. I do need to pick up some more of the super shock shadows and try some of the pressed pigments!

    Tallulah xx

    • March 26, 2018 / 1:39 PM

      Thank you so much! They’re such an amazing brand, everything I’ve tried has been amazing! Xx

  2. March 27, 2018 / 1:45 PM

    Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said this collection is extensive! I’m a big liquid lipstick person, so I’m sad to not see any of those, but your shadow collection is on point! You should be sponsored LOL

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