Everything you need to know about essential oils

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Essential oils are a massive beauty trend right now. It feels like every single beauty shop sells them, and they’re recommended for a whole host of problems and issues. Of course, if you want to start using them, then it makes sense to understand what they are and how they help. So, here’s everything you need to know about essential oils: 

What are essential oils?

The simple definition is that they’re oils that have been made by taking different parts of a plant and concentrating them into oils. There are many methods of creating essential oils, but the main thing is that they’re not chemically concentrated. If it is made through chemical processes, then it’s not technically a proper essential oil. 

What are the benefits of essential oils?

The whole point of these oils is that you use plant extracts for various health and beauty purposes. Primarily, these oils are inhaled via aromatherapy – here, they can be very beneficial in relaxing and calming. Of course, it depends on the oils you’re choosing. Many people opt for lavender essential oils as they’re proven to aid with relaxation and de-stressing. 

Some oils can be inhaled and may help aid things like digestion, immunity, anxiety, lack of energy, and so on. It’s well worth checking out a list of essential oils and their benefits to find out which ones to use for certain problems. 

Some oils can also be applied to your skin, which could help with a range of skin problems. Mainly, they’re shown to bring new life to your skin and tackle key issues such as excessive dryness and eczema. 

How do you use essential oils?

As mentioned, they’re mainly inhaled or applied to your skin. It’s rare that essential oils can be ingested! Unless it specifically says that it’s okay to ingest the oil, then don’t risk it. 

Inhaling the oils is often done through diffusers. You can place a few drops into the diffuser, inhale and begin relaxing. When applying them to your skin, you might need to dilute the oil first as it can be too strong to use straight out of the bottle! Then, just rub it in like any other health product. 

Where can you get essential oils?

It’s highly recommended that you only buy these products from trusted and respected sellers. You can get them from places like doTERRA, who have a pretty large selection. In fact, SimpleNourishedLiving.com’s favorite Doterra products include a selection of essential oils, so it might be worth checking them out for some inspiration. Never buy these oils from random sellers that you’re not sure of. A lot of the time, companies will sell the chemically formed oils and pass them off as essential ones. So, always be careful and check the ingredients lists to ensure you’re buying a safe product. 

That’s all you need to know about essential oils! They can provide you with some mood-enhancing benefits, while also being used topically to treat skin conditions. If you’re keen to hop on this beauty trend, then you can do so with a bit more confidence!

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