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FreePeople1One of my absolute favourites brands at the moment is Free People, I’m constantly on-line, looking at their sale items and new arrivals – I guess you could say I’m a tiny bit obsessed! If you’ve never heard of Free People, they’re a bohemian-style fashion brand based in the U.S., who are actually a part of Urban Outfitters, Inc. Think festival-meets-boho chic, that’s the general style of Free People, and is the style I would say I wear most frequently.

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One of the first things I ever bought from Free People was one of these style bras, mainly because they’re so unique! One of my favourite things about Free People is that they’re obsessed with layering, and want every layer to stand out. Not only do these bras have the most amazing backs, they’re also super comfortable, so you don’t need to sacrifice anything to look good! This specific bra comes in a variety of styles and colours (I may or may not have three!) and they look so cute underneath a tank with a low back to show off the design!

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I very recently purchased this dress in this exact colour – but of course they have a load of other colours to choose from, the perks of Free People! I love the open back on this dress, and the colour is to die for! The all-over lace of this dress showcases what Free People do perfectly, with the bohemian style making a feature in every single one of their items.

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This tank top from Free People would be perfect with one of their strappy bras, as the low back lets you show off the pretty design. This top also comes in different colours, another thing I love about Free People, because it’s the worst when you find an item you love but the colour just doesn’t suit you!

What I love about the brand Free People is that they have a great combination of staple and signature items, and almost everything comes in a different colour! The brands prices vary pretty wildly, you can buy a t-shirt for £17 and a dress for £2,000 (I wish!); but there are a great range of items that are justifiably priced, and the quality is always amazing. Top tip: make sure you watch out for Free People sales, in the past they’ve had 20% off the 50% off sales (making it a sale within a sale!) and you can pick up some really great bargains – I tend to do a lot of shopping at this time! Unfortunately, there is only one Free People shop in the UK, in London, but their website does ship to the UK – and they often have free-shipping deals! If you’re interested in doing a little bit of online shopping, check out their website here.


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