February Favourites 2016


Over the month of February, I have discovered a few things which I have absolutely fallen in love with. Although I haven’t loved everything I’ve bought this month, there are a few items I’ve become a little obsessed with, and are now some of my everyday favourites!

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Nars The Multiple in “Orgasm” – Full Size £29

I actually received this product in the limited edition Nars Glossybox (which as a Nars obsessive I had to have!) so it’s not the full size, but I wasn’t too sure about it until I tried it earlier this month. I also received the Nars Blush in “Orgasm” in the box, so I felt like I wouldn’t get much use out of this – I couldn’t have been more wrong! This is the most beautiful shade, a dusty rose colour with gold glitter, and applies like a dream. The texture is so creamy and buttery, and leaves a nice sheen to the face. This can be applied to the eyes, lips and cheeks, I love to use it on all three to give a glowy, natural look. Plus it’s super easy to use, and you can get a really pretty look in less than 5 minutes! If you’re interested you can buy it here!

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Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in “The Dolce Vita” – £38

I’m so in love with this palette, it’s currently pretty much the only thing I use! The colours are absolutely stunning, ranging from coppery-bronzes to beautiful sparkly golds, it’s the perfect palette to take you from day-to-night. The formula of these eyeshadows are amazing: they are super buttery and pigmented, plus they’re really easy to blend. What I love about this palette is that it’s also very easy to use for beginners, as each shade is given a specific purpose (base, crease etc.), so you know exactly how to use it. I’ve also reviewed a few other products from the Dolce Vita line which you can check out here. This palette really is incredible, and I like that you could use this palette on it’s own to create a complete look! I definitely think I might need to get my hands on a few more of these – I’m thinking the Golden Goddess and Vintage Vamp palettes because they’re so beautiful! Buy it here!


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in “Clear” – £25.50

Smashbox are well-known for their primers, and rightly so! This is a silicone-based primer, meaning that it acts like a layer over your skin for even make-up application, and I honestly can’t apply my foundation anymore without using this first! Without it, my skin looks patchy and uneven, and this makes my make-up stay in place all day. I also really love the fact that this is a clear primer, so it doesn’t affect the colour of my foundation or my make-up look! You can buy this primer here!


EOS Shave Cream in “Vanilla Bliss” – £6

I discovered this when I was in the U.S. – because for some reason we have next-to-no shaving creams for women in the U.K. – and I now will not use anything else to shave my legs. I suffer from really sensitive skin, so shaving can really irritate my legs even if I constantly moisturise, so this moisturising shaving cream was a literal life saver, I honestly have no idea how I went so long without it. Although, since this is an American product I was really worried I’d run out before I was able to get over to the States to get some more, but luckily enough, Urban Outfitter sell it! This made me so happy, and I honestly will never use anything else other than this shaving cream! You should definitely check it out and buy one!


Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Balm in “Original” – £3.69

Over the winter I suffered from the worst dry lips of my entire life. I’m talking peeling, cracking, bleeding, the works! After a lot of research, I finally found this, which is 100% natural. My main issue was that I was using products which actually had drying products like salicylic acid in them, which was making my lips so much worse! This lip balm is all natural, and will not dry out your lips in any way. I now have these scattered all around my house so I’m never without one, I’m obsessed! Buy it here!


Nails Inc. Nail Varnish in “Uptown” – £15

This colour has been pretty much all I’ve worn this month, it’s such a pretty dusty rose colour which I feel is the perfect winter nude. This nail varnish is really thick, you barely need any coats to achieve a perfect opaque finish, and it stay shiny and chip-free for at least a week! I love Nails Inc. nail varnishes anyway, but I particularly love this everyday sort of shade, which you can get here!


Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in “Caramel Cupcake” – £2.99

This nail varnish is the perfect nude colour, and it’s a great budget buy! It’s really great quality and super creamy, and doesn’t chip easily, so it’s excellent value for money. I’ve really been loving this colour because it’s just so chic and perfect for everyday, and the price is so affordable there’s no excuse for you not to get it! You can buy yourself one here!


Yes Please by Amy Poehler – £6.99

This one of the greatest books I’ve read in a while, written by one of my absolute favourite people and idols, Amy Poehler. This has everything you could ever want in a book, comedy, female empowerment and some incredibly moving moments. I honestly read this book in a day, and it’s actually quite appalling that it’s taken me so long to actually get this book because it came out in 2015! I highly recommend this book to anyone, it’s such a great read and I absolutely loved it, you can grab one here!


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