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I recently discovered what is possibly the most amazing app, which any beauty lover needs. This app is by RAZUR LLC and is called Flawless Makeup, and it’s completely free on the App Store! What this app does is allow you to recreate a lipstick that you’ve loved that’s been discontinued, or create your own one of a kind lipstick!

To choose the colour of your new lipstick, you can either take a photo of a colour you’ve seen that you’ve loved and it will recreate that exact shade in a lipstick, or you can mix shades from a set range of colours to create your own unique lipstick! You can also enter all the details from a previously discontinued lipstick to make an exact copy!

If you choose to create your own colour rather than take a photo, you then have to decide whether you want to recreate a discontinued lipstick or create your new personal shade!



If you choose to recreate a discontinued lipstick, you need to enter all the details (which should be on the bottom of the lipstick) and then you’re on your way to getting your favourite colour back in your life!


IMG_0896[1] IMG_0897[1]

If you choose to create your own custom shade then you will be asked to pick four colours from a selection of 12 to mix and create your perfect lipstick. Luckily, the app has a nice range of colours, so you can choose from the perfect nude to a classic red lip and anything in between!


Once you’ve tried out a few combinations and picked out the shade for you, you get to name it! This makes the entire process even more exciting, because you really are getting something incredibly unique and personal, plus you can say you’ve (almost) made your own makeup!


Finally, it’s time to pay! I have to say, £45 is a lot to spend on a lipstick, however you are getting your very own, unique lipstick. I do think this would make an amazing gift though, perfect for any make-up lover. And if you just want to treat yourself, go ahead – I think I might have to!

Download the app here:



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