Glossybox January 2016 REVIEW

I decided to start the year of 2016 off with a beauty box subscription, and after having tried a few of them the year before, I decided to treat myself and order a 3 month subscription to Glossybox!IMG_0361IMG_0362IMG_0365

You can subscribe to Glossybox for £10 a month plus P&P, or pay ahead for a set amount of months, £9.50 for 3 months, £9.00 for 6 months or £8.50 for 12 months, all plus shipping. This is incredibly generous, as the price of the contents is always well over the price of the box, more often than not one product can cost the same as the entire box!


January’s box included 5 products, 4 of which were full-sized, the products together costing at least £50! The great thing about Glossybox is that although you may get travel-sized products, they’re incredibly generous sizes. My Glossybox included a Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask, a Madara Time Miracle Cellular Repair Serum, a Glossybox Eyeshadow, a Teez Cosmetics Lipstick and a Marsk Eyeshadow Brush.

Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask – £11.36


I love face masks, so getting this in my Glossybox was a real treat! This is a lovely, hydrating mask, which also feels incredibly cooling and soothing when applied to the skin. Hydrating face masks are definitely my go-to during winter months, so I think I’ll find myself reaching for this a lot, especially when I’m in need of a pamper session after a long week!

Madara Time Miracle Cellular Repair Serum – £19.00



I’d never heard of this brand before, which is one of the reasons I love beauty boxes, because I get to try a bunch of new brands! Although I’m not in desperate need of an anti-ageing product just yet (I’m still relatively young!) I did enjoy trying this out, and found it made my face a little bit plumper and healthier looking.

Glossybox Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve – £7.10


This is the first time I’ve ever received one of Glossybox’s own products in one of their boxes, and I was impressed with the quality. It’s incredibly pigmented, and has a beautiful shimmer to it. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of the colour, a purple-y mauve shade which just really doesn’t suit me, so I’ll be passing this one on. However, if this colour suited me I’m sure I would’ve loved it!

Teez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in Coral Onyx – £11.93

IMG_0372 IMG_0373 IMG_0375

Another brand I’ve never heard of, but as a self-confessed lipstick junkie I’m a huge fan! The colour of this lipstick is beautiful, the perfect coral which has me dreaming of warm summer days, so will definitely become my go-to shade. This lipstick is also highly pigmented and incredibly long-lasting, it will definitely become a staple of mine.

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro – £16.70


Although I do enjoy getting beauty tools in my boxes, I’m a little disappointed by this product, as I find the bristles a little too firm for eyeshadow. I personally prefer eyeshadow brushes to be a bit fluffier for blending purposes, but the majority of the other products are so good I can’t complain about one dud.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my first Glossybox of the year, and I’m excitedly waiting for my February box to be delivered!

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