Guerlain Stop Spot REVIEW


Guerlain recently launched a new line (that included some old favourites repackaged) called “My Super Tips”. This new line has five different products, Midnight Secret which Guerlain describe as “sleep in a tube”, a spot treatment called Stop Spot, Super Lips which is a lip balm, a saviour moisturiser appropriately named Creme SOS, and Radiance in a Flash, or as they would describe it, “a face lift in a bottle”. Each of these products is priced at £20, which although is fairly reasonable for a Guerlain product, is still a huge amount of money for only 15ml.


I decided to test out the Stop Spot treatment, which appealed to me the most as I was told that it could be used not only as an overnight treatment, but also as a face mask which you leave on for ten minutes and then wash off, leaving you with clearer looking skin! This did justify the price a little for me, but I actually think I would prefer to use it just as a treatment, because the size of it is so small that if I used it as a mask I would run out really quickly!

IMG_3478I was really surprised with the colour of this, because it’s actually a nude colour which is great because it means you could wear it through the day without it looking too obvious. It’s also really thick, which I like because you don’t need too much – a very good thing because of how little product you get! I’ve tried this out a couple of times now and I’m not sure it does a lot for my skin, I don’t think it particularly dries out blemishes or makes my skin look any clearer, which is really disappointing because it was quite a lot of money for not a lot of product. Personally, I much prefer the Clinique Clinical Clearing Gel (which you can read about here ) which is the same price but for 30ml instead of 15ml, and I think it works a lot better.

Let me know in the comments if any of you guys have tried this product or any of the others from the range and what you think of them! If you’d like to try out this spot treatment, you can get one here!


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