How I’m getting my skin ready for spring

Being a dry-skinned person, winter effectively kills off my skin. It makes it even drier than usual, so I really have to go big on the hydrating skincare routine to stop my skin looking so dull and lifeless.

I typically change my products out seasonally, giving my skin the different kind of care it needs depending on the weather, but the general routine stays the same. I always double (if not triple) cleanse, then tone, serum, moisturiser and at least one oil.

I’d typically have an eye cream in there too, but my eczema around my eyes has been flaring up recently due to stress so I’m only using an emollient to treat that at the moment.

Since I’ve done a lot of skincare routines in the past and I haven’t changed out what cleansers I’m using, I thought I’d just show you guys the products I’m using to get brighter and smoother skin for spring. If you’d like a full skincare routine though (and trust me, it would be full) then please let me know in the comments!


I’ve been reaching for this exfoliator a lot recently to keep my skin smooth and bright – the exfoliating particles look almost non-existent at first, but this is probably one of the most effective exfoliators I’ve tried.

The exfoliating particles are actually ultra-fine bamboo and bentonite clay, and they work so well at removing dead skin without being too harsh. I really like that this is organic, and it also contains shea butter to hydrate the skin, as well as hibiscus to help tighten.

I love using this in a morning to prep my skin really well for makeup, and the warm and slightly citrus scent is so perfect for waking up my skin.


I’ve been using this morning and night to help my skin look less dull, and I really think it’s working. The gel formula is really cooling and great for depuffing, and the hyaluronic acid adds some much needed hydration to my skin.

I love that this comes in stick form because I feel like I can give myself a face massage whilst applying it, which helps with lymphatic drainage. It also means you get the most out of the product because you aren’t applying it to your hands first.

I think this is probably a great serum for all skin types, so I’d definitely recommend trying it out!


I’ve already reviewed this moisturiser, but I wanted to talk about it here as well since it’s something that’s really been helping my skin.

This is Dermalogica’s most hydrating moisturiser, and it keeps my skin feeling soft all day without being greasy. There’s something about the formula of their moisturisers that feels almost gel-like, and they absorb really quickly but still manage to keep your skin feeling hydrated.

I really like using this as my daytime moisturiser, because it’s not too thick or heavy but gives me all the hydration my skin needs to get through the day.


I really love this facial oil for morning and evening – which is rare for me in an oil. This is quite light and absorbs quickly, so it doesn’t leave my skin too greasy for makeup.

It contains jojoba and rosehip oil (which I love) to help improve skin’s elasticity, and thistle seed, sweet almond and avocado to add hydration. This doesn’t have that much of a scent, which I personally prefer, and it’s also organic which is a major plus for me.

I find that 2-3 drops of this is enough for my face and neck, so I know it’s going to last a really long time, and I love how luxurious yet lightweight this feels.


The final product I’ve been loving is this lip balm from Glossier. I already had the birthday cake balm dotcom, but that contains glitter and I wanted something that was simply a clear balm (I also love coconut so that was a major sell).

I’m really picky about lip balms because I know so many make your lips worse rather than better, but this keeps my lips so hydrated and smooth.

I’ve been having real trouble with dry lips over this winter – not even my trusty Burt’s Bees was doing the job – but one day of using this and my lips are no longer chapped. I love using this in an evening because it’s so thick it’s almost like a lip mask, and I wake up to the softest lips ever.

So those are the products I’m using to get my skin bright and glowing for spring! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what skincare products you’re loving at the moment. See you next time,

A x

*Although some of these products were sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Read more in my disclaimer.

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  1. February 17, 2019 / 6:18 PM

    I love the glossier balm dotcom, so moisturising! Same goes with dermalogica products, love them!

    Lucy | Forever September

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