I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Colourpop products for such a long time after hearing amazing reviews, and when they launched their pressed shadows I decided to finally bite the bullet. I was always a little hesitant to order from Colourpop purely because I knew shipping costs would be crazy – and I didn’t even want to think about custom fees (my arch nemesis) – but I wanted to try them out so badly that I decided it was worth it. 

Pretty much everything at Colourpop is $5, except anything in sets, which is an amazing price for the quality you’re getting. They currently also give you $5 off if you sign up for their emails – essentially giving you one free product – which I felt was totally worth it. In total I ended up spending $55 ($50 with my $5 dollar discount) which allowed me to qualify for free shipping – the main reason I ordered so much. The other reason was that I didn’t know when I’d be able to order from Colourpop again because customs can get expensive, so I really wanted to make the most of it.

I ordered eleven items, which in pounds came to only £41.93 plus £16.89 in customs fees. Although this sounds pretty expensive, I did buy ten eyeshadows and a lipstick so I actually think the total cost of £58.82 is pretty reasonable – although I still wish customs fees didn’t exist. I do think it’s very reasonable that Colourpop gives free international shipping for orders over $50 as the price of shipping would probably bring your order up to that price anyways, however if you want to keep the cost down I’ve seen quite a lot of people who order with their friends in order to split the customs fee, which I think is a super smart idea.

Now that we’ve gotten the dull money talk out of the way, here’s what I bought!



I’ve seen so many people obsessed with this shade, and for good reason, so of course I had to try it out myself. ‘Paradox’ is a warm burgundy with a satin finish, and as somebody who’s obsessed with warm-toned eye looks, this colour just screamed my name. Every one of the super shock shadows has amazing pigmentation and is easy to work with – just make sure you are using a synthetic brush as these are more of a cream-based product and won’t blend as easily with a natural hair brush. I think this shade is absolutely stunning and looks gorgeous smoked out on the outer corners, plus I love the satin finish because I think it adds a little life to a look.


I never see anybody talking about this shade and I don’t understand why, it’s the most beautiful pearly pink with a gold shimmer! Although the camera doesn’t quite capture this shade properly (it definitely does not do it justice), this shade leans more towards pink or gold depending on lighting, and really reminds me of sunlight on snow – it’s completely mesmerising. Plus, all proceeds go to the Best Friends Animal Society to stop the killing of abandoned pets in shelters, so it’s definitely a worthy cause.


Wattles is possibly one of the most raved about shades, and it’s definitely my favourite. It’s a dusty beige-pink with a satin finish (so of course it’s my favourite!), and this looks so beautiful in the crease paired with ‘Puppy Love’ on the lid – it’s a super effortless makeup look but it looks so gorgeous. This shade also makes me feel like Kathleen Lights whenever I wear it, which is never a bad thing.


As a huge fan of Kathleen I had to get this eyeshadow as this is one of the shades that she collaborated on. I have a very similar taste in eyeshadows to Kathleen as we both like warm tones, so I knew whatever she created I would love. I decided to pick up the shade ‘Cornelious’ because it’s a warm caramel with a matte finish which is the kind of shade I love in my crease, but it’s also intense enough that it can be used to smoke out the outer corner if you’re going for a slightly softer dramatic look.


As soon as I saw this shade I knew I needed it; it’s a gorgeous true rust with a matte finish that really reminds me of Makeup Geek’s ‘Cocoa Bear’. This is amazing to use in the outer corners for a super smoky, warm-toned eye look, and it looks gorgeous smoked out on the lower lash line too. I love how pigmented this shadow is and how it’s not too matte, so it doesn’t look flat on the eye.



‘High Strung’ is a beautiful metallic dusty rose with a touch of copper that looks so magical on the lid, I’m so happy I bought it. The quality of the pressed shadows is insane, every shade is so pigmented and creamy with no fallout – I’m so impressed. This shade looks gorgeous paired with a pink hued transition shade to create a romantic look, and I can’t get over how metallic and reflective it is!


As soon as I saw this shade I knew I had to have it because I don’t really have many shades like this in my collection. It’s a warm sand with a matte finish and is the most perfect transition shade ever. This blends out so easily and adds a soft warmth to any look. I’ve been using this non-stop recently and can’t see myself putting it away anytime soon.


The name of this shade totally drew me in as it’s totally the best Selena Gomez song, but the shade is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Although I normally don’t go for super pink shades, the gold duochrome makes it look much more rose gold and it looks absolutely stunning on the lid. No pictures really do this shade justice, but I would totally recommend it for something totally unique and extraordinary to add to your collection.


I always choose a dark brown over a black as I think they’re a little more wearable for everyday and not too intense, and this red brown totally caught my eye. This is so gorgeous for deepening the crease or really smoking out the outer corners and lower lash line for a super dramatic, warm-toned look. I love the hint of red in this because it adds a little something different, and you can use a very light hand with this to create a more subtle, but still smoky, effect.


This shade is fairly similar to ‘Popular Demand’, however it’s a little lighter and doesn’t have as much of the red undertones. ‘Top Notch’ is more of a yellow-toned terracotta that is a little less dramatic than ‘Popular Demand’ and is much easier to wear on a day-to-day basis. I love adding a little bit of this to the crease and outer corners to create a little depth, but without looking too full on. This is a stunning shade and I’m so happy to have it in my collection.



Another Kathleen Lights collab, I knew I had to get this shade because dusty mauve is one of my all time favourite lip shades to wear. This has a matte finish, but not too matte to the point where it dries out your lips, and has gorgeous pink undertones that make this lipstick really pop. This works with almost every makeup look, and I love sometimes patting it on my lips with my finger to give it more of a natural, softer look. I definitely wish I’d picked up ‘Aquarius’ now too, which is more of a nude – but hey, maybe next time.

So that’s everything I bought from Colourpop! I realise this was a crazy huge haul (sorry not sorry), but this allowed me to get free shipping and I honestly love every product I purchased. I definitely would buy again from Colourpop because there are so many more beautiful things that I’d like to try out, but maybe when I have a bit more money for those stupid customs! Hopefully Colourpop will create a U.K. website sometime in the near future so we can stop paying these crazy customs fees!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what products you’ve tried from Colourpop and what you’re favourites are – or what you’d like to try if you’ve never bought anything! See you next time,

A x



  1. March 1, 2017 / 10:06 AM

    I actually made a Colourpop order not so long ago too! Come and get it was one of the shadows I got and I’ve fallen in love, it’s such a unique shade! You picked up so many lovely bits! X


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