Illamasqua Sale + REVIEW


Illamasqua recently had the most amazing 70% off sale plus free shipping, which I shared with everyone I knew, and even posted it on twitter! This sale was so great that, of course, I had to buy myself at least a couple of things, and I was really impressed with the products they had on offer!


The item I was most excited about was this eyeshadow palette, the Complement Palette, which was down from £34 to £10.20! This is a really good quality palette that I would definitely pay full price for, but I’m super happy to get it for so cheap! It contains 3 powders and a cream eyeshadow, which is a nice range, and all the colours are really pigmented.


This palette has a soft champagne shade called Slink, a rich chocolate cream shadow called Focus, a chocolate plum shade called Forgiveness and a darker plum shade called Queen of the Night. I love that this palette has a range of finishes, matte, shimmer and cream, so that you can create a variety of looks. This palette is a bargain for what you get, and I definitely would recommend it, it’s such great quality and the colours and finishes are gorgeous!


I was really excited to try out this lipstick, the colour is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and it was only £5.85 down from £19.50! However, this lipstick didn’t meet any of my expectations. The lipstick itself is really solid, and is incredibly hard to apply, it tends to just move whatever lipstick you manage to actually apply all around the lips. The only way I was able to get any colour onto my lips was by heavily moisturising beforehand, then applying with a brush before applying a second layer straight from the bullet. Even using this technique, I was only able to get the sheerest tint, which was a real shame.


The shade itself, Underworld, is actually a really beautiful shade, a sort of iridescent magenta which is incredibly hard to capture on camera. Annoyingly, this shade doesn’t show up this way on the lips, instead becoming a sort of magenta tint, which does look quite pretty as long as you can apply any to the lips without tearing them, which I almost did! This lipstick is so solid it was even hard to swatch! I’m so glad I didn’t pay full price for this lipstick, it’s definitely only worth £5, if that, I would not recommend this lipstick to anyone.


The final item I got in the sale was this nail varnish which was £4.35 down from £14.50! The consistency of this nail varnish is quite creamy and opaque. I got the shade Raindrops, a really pretty, shimmery light blue/grey shade which I think will be perfect for Spring. I do really like the colour of this nail varnish, but I probably wouldn’t pay £14.50 for it unless I felt like it was a shade unlike any other and I could really justify the price.


I’m really glad I bought most of these in the sale, because I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to pay full price for the nail varnish and lipstick. I do really love the eyeshadow palette though, the sale price of that was an added bonus, but I would definitely pay full price for that product! Unfortunately, the sale has ended, but if you’re interested in buying any of these products click here. Illamasqua also currently have 15% off when it’s your birthday, so make sure you sign up, and keep your eye out for any other sales like this one, because they are worth it to test out products you aren’t sure about!


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