June Favourites 2017

June has seriously flown by, like did it even happen? I can’t believe we’re already in July – but the weather is finally starting to feel pretty summery so I’m super happy about that!

I surprised myself with how many favourites I had this month, I knew I’d tested out a lot of new makeup and skincare but I didn’t realise how much. I even think I’ve found a few new holy grails this month, so let’s get into the favourites!


This is the palette that everybody was talking about this month, and it actually stirred up a lot of controversy about the quality of it and whether or not Urban Decay were too late to the game with a warm-toned palette. I personally believe that you can never have too many warm-toned palettes, so of course I fell in love with this! I totally shouldn’t even be talking about this palette since I haven’t actually done my review yet (it’s coming on Monday, I promise), but I couldn’t help adding it to my favourites. Since I am reviewing it next week I won’t say much, but I definitely think this is my favourite palette since ABH Modern Renaissance – and that’s saying a lot.


This is easily my favourite product this month – and possibly ever! It’s the perfect bronzer for fairer skin tones, it looks beautifully natural on without being too warm or too ashy. It also smells like coconuts and Hawaiian Tropic which is the best scent ever, so I’m obviously in love. I actually did a full review of this product, so if you want to find out a little bit more about this bronzer then you can check it out here.


This blush had been on my wish list for the longest time and I’m so happy I finally bought it. It’s the perfect peachy-nude blush that looks really natural on, so it’s great for fair ladies, like myself, or somebody who’s just delving into blush and doesn’t want to be too out there. Usually I prefer I matte/satin blush, but the slight shimmer in this actually comes off as more of a satin finish on the skin with an added bit of glow. I can’t say enough great things about this blush, I just adore it!


I was initially a little unsure about this product (which I reviewed here) because I didn’t feel like it was making me look glowy enough, but after testing this out a few more times I’ve definitely been converted. This setting spray gives the most radiant glow to my skin without being shimmery or glittery, and the mist is so fine there’s no chance it could mess up your makeup. I find my makeup lasts all day with this too, so it’s definitely a new holy grail for me!


If you’ve read my blog before then you’ll know how much I love this skincare brand, and this eye serum is an all time favourite for me! It’s really moisturising but still light enough to use during the day, plus the metal applicator is amazing at de-puffing! I’ve been using this twice a day for the past month and I’ve really noticed my dark circles improving, so this has definitely become a must-have item for me. This is also pre-ageing, which is perfect for me at 19 as I don’t want anything anti-ageing just yet but I do want something to look after my under-eyes!


I recently reviewed the entire Insta collection from Rimmel London (which you can check out here) and this was by far my favourite product of the lot. This contour stick is so easy to use and blend out, plus it looks really natural on this skin! It also has a shimmery highlighter on the other end, which is pretty rare for a contour stick, making it perfect for travelling. I will say this is definitely a warmer contour than I would normally use, but I find it perfect for summer or as a natural-looking bronzer/contour for a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.


As soon as I saw this new skincare line from L’Oréal I knew I had to check it out. It’s an entire range dedicated to dry and sensitive skin, so it’s totally perfect for me! This toner has a slightly more gel-like consistency than I’m used to, but it’s been amazing on my sensitive skin and you definitely don’t need to use a lot to tone your entire face. I find that this feels a lot more hydrating than most toners I’m used to, which is one of the major things that I really love about it. You also get so much product for only £6, so it’s definitely a bargain. I’m absolutely going to be trying out the rest of the range now, maybe I’ll even do a review on the entire line!


So those were my June Favourites! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what some of your favourites were this month. See you next time,

A x



  1. July 6, 2017 / 9:54 PM

    Ohh you and your love for Charlotte Tilbury 😉
    I need some of her products so bad because of course if I know they suit you they’ll suit me too! And she’s a ginge herself, perfect!
    Loved the post girly, and your photos are amazing as always 💛

  2. July 7, 2017 / 8:33 AM

    I literally want to try out every one of these products!! The charlotte tilbury blush is one I’ve had on my list for a while but now I have so many more haha! x

    Shauna | https://diariesofadramatic.com

  3. July 14, 2017 / 11:31 AM

    I love the sound of everything in this post! I’m a bit torn on the Naked Heat palette from mixed reviews but I think I’ll probably end up getting it. The bronzer, blush and contour stick sound fab too! I also love the fine flowers toner and cleanser they’re so nice. Great post!

    Ellie x


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