Kylie Metal Matte Lipstick REVIEW


I recently decided to bite the bullet and try to purchase a Kylie Lip Kit – which, if any of you have tried it, will know it’s a hard task. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a long time, so when the Coachella-inspired Metal Mattes were released I knew it was time for me to try out these miracle liquid lipsticks for myself. It was a very intense experience that required me to sit refreshing my laptop for a good hour, but I came out the other end with my absolute favourite shade, “Heir”! The Matte Metals are $18 each, not include shipping.


“Heir” is the most stunning rose gold shade, which is so unique and different from anything else I’ve ever seen before. Although this is a matte liquid lipstick, it doesn’t dry fully matte because of the fact that it’s metallic, but the finish looks to me a lot like a nude lipstick topped with gold glitter, which is absolutely gorgeous. The awesome thing about this lipstick is that you can apply a thicker layer for a more dramatic look, or apply it with your finger for a more subtle look, which is actually my favourite way to wear this. The formula is pretty good, it’s not at all drying; I found it can be a little difficult to get an even coat and you do have to build it up but it does build really easily. The scent of this lipstick, to me, is awesome, super sweet and vanilla-y that doesn’t actually last that long, however if you get easily irritated by strong scents this lipstick might not be the best for you. The one small issue I do have with these lipsticks is that they don’t have a stopper inside the bottle, so there is nothing to get rid of any excess product which isn’t too big of an issue but it can get a little annoying. Otherwise, I absolutely love this product, and I’m seriously considering getting Koko K, Candy K and Posie K during the next restock!


Here are a few tips to help you get your favourite Kylie Lip Kit:

  • Unless you are already subscribed to Kylie’s app/website, you need to find a way to know when the next restock is. I find Instagram accounts dedicated to Kylie Cosmetics restocks are the best, here are a few of my favourites that really helped me to get my lipstick: @christendanae9@nadiaidder@trendmood1.
  • Once you’ve found your favourite Instagram accounts, make sure you turn on notifications so you don’t miss any updates on a restock.
  • Now that you know when the restock will be, you need to prepare for the actual event. I would say make sure you are on the website one hour prior to the restock time, in case a queue builds up or the restock happens earlier than expected, and make sure you keep refreshing the entire time.
  • Whilst waiting, make sure you have your card in front of you because once you’re on the website there’s no time to do anything else. I know a lot of people recommend that you write your delivery details on a word document so you can easily copy and paste, but for me that wasn’t a big issue, so it’s all about personal preference.
  • Once you’re on the website, you don’t have a lot of time so make sure you know exactly which shades you want prior to the restock. If you’re interested in buying all three of either the lip glosses or the metal mattes, choose the buy all section rather than adding them to your cart separately for a faster checkout time. Also, the fastest shades to sell out are Posie K, Koko K, Candy K and Mary Jo K, so be aware that you’ll want to buy less if you’re after these shades as you’ll have less time to checkout.
  • Once you’re through and you’ve checked out, you should be redirected to a page that confirms your order and tells you that an email confirming your order will be sent out shortly!

And that’s how it’s done. It does feel like a lot of pressure to get all the Lip Kits you want in the time limit, but if you stay calm and follow some of these tips then you should definitely come out with one! Good luck!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite shades are and whether you’ve tried to get one or not, and also if you’ve got any extra tips that I haven’t mentioned! In the meantime, go check out the different shades on the website!

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