Little Tricks to Boost Hair Volume

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For everyone in the UK, the lockdown situation may be relaxing a little, but we’re far from the freedom of movement we used to enjoy a few months ago. After almost two months of self-isolation at home, you might find that your mental health is not quite what it used to be. Stress can affect many areas of your life, including your appearance. Can going under lockdown make your hair thinner? The answer is YES. Stress, indoor air pollution, and lack of a balanced diet – and yes, that includes ordering a little too many takeaways – can affect your hair health dramatically. But don’t panic, there are some solutions to help!

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Don’t cut it yourself

It might be tempting to cut your hair at home and give it a boost. But, unless you’re a professional hairstylist, you should refrain from anything that involves a pair of scissors – or at least avoid anything too drastic! This is especially important if your hair is weakened and thin, as you could create additional damage. Instead, get creative with what you’ve got to hide any thinning patches that may have appeared. Something as simple as moving your parting could transform your look and create a new sense of volume. You could also check online retailers for safe and temporary hair dyes that could create a unique accent. Safe hair dyes are unlikely to damage your hair because they don’t contain abrasive or toxic components. 

Considering volume-enhancing treatments

If there’s ever a perfect time for volumising shampoos, it is now. Shampoos can rehydrate your hair, strengthen the core, and remove oil buildup. They don’t necessarily thicken your hair, but they ensure that it can look and feel healthy, which makes a huge difference. If it doesn’t help to hide thinning patches, you may want to research PRP therapy that can tackle hair loss. Platelet-rich plasma uses your blood as a base to create a safe component, which is then injected locally to stimulate hair growth. But there are alternative treatments too!

Are you taking your vitamins?

Eating healthy food when you’re staying at home is challenging. Shops are struggling to keep up with demand, and you may not be able to find all the items on your shopping list. Besides, it can be tempting to order pizza for dinner… and maybe for lunch too! At the end of the day, if you don’t feed your body the nutrients it needs, you will notice signs of deficiency – hair loss is one of them. But, thankfully, adapting your diet and taking hair growth vitamins can resolve the problem! 

Book your next hairdresser’s appointment

Is your hair too weak to regrow? When the hair is damaged, a professional haircut can help regain its health. A blunt bob or a cute pixie cut can give your hair the energy it needs to heal. But, it’s not something you want to try at home, as we’ve mentioned earlier. Instead, keep in touch with your hairdresser to book an appointment as soon as they open again! 

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If your hair has lost volume during the lockdown, chances are your hormones or diet is responsible for the issue. Thankfully, you can help your thin hair heal. Giving your hair the time it needs to recover without aggressive styling can work wonders. You can also consult specialists to discuss volume-enhancing solutions, from dedicated therapy to a cute haircut! 

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