Lush Cosmetics Golden Egg REVIEW

I was recently given this Lush Cosmetics bath bomb for my birthday, and I was so excited to use it! I love that Lush are cruelty-free and against animal testing, plus their products are always awesome and smell amazing!


This is the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt which is a limited edition product for Easter, and it smells so good! It’s a toffee-scented bath bomb that’s packed full of cocoa butter so it’s super moisturising and feels incredible on the skin. It’s also absolutely covered in gold glitter which transforms your bath into a beautiful, shimmery-gold wonderland, and leaves you looking wonderfully glowy.

This bath bomb really is so indulgent, and an absolute treat to use, but of course that’s the same for pretty much every other Lush product! This is the perfect thing to treat yourself to a pamper day, and only costs £3.95! But you better get this fast, because they won’t be here forever! Buy it here.


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