My current favourite travelling items

It’s summer, which for me always means travelling. For some reason I always get overly-organised, to the extent of getting quite panicky, when it comes to packing for a trip, as if the world would end if I forgot my shampoo.

I make a giant checklist around a month before travelling that I keep adding to as the trip gets closer, but there are really only a few items on there that are true essentials – or, at least, that would be super annoying to have to pick up whilst I’m there.

Today I want to share with you those few essentials that I have and why I love them so much, obviously ignoring the majority of clothing items because otherwise we’d be here all day.


My current favourite is this Australian Gold Lotion with Instant Bronzer. It contains coffee-infused bronzers to help your skin naturally look a little more golden, which is super helpful to me so that my insanely pale skin doesn’t blind people during the first few days of my trip. It also applies really smoothly and sinks in almost instantly without leaving a white cast!

Suncream is an essential on most vacations, and super annoying to buy once you’re there if you’ve forgotten it/run out. Unless there’s a supermarket nearby, you’re going to end up splashing so much cash on a single bottle from the hotel gift shop, which nobody wants to do.

I probably pack more suncream than necessary just to ensure that I don’t run out, and also allow me to bring multiple factors so I can switch it up depending on how my tanning is going. There’s also the matter of packing a face, body and scalp suncream, so it’s definitely an essential item for me to pack.


I recently just bought some prescription sunnies, and these have quickly become a favourite for me. They’re the round Ray Bans so they have an awesome 70s vibe, and I love that I can finally see in sunglasses without wearing my contacts!

I have a fairly embarrassing addiction to sunglasses, I could barely even pick a favourite pair of sunglasses because I love them all so much, so I may or may not pack about four different sunglasses so that I can match to my outfit or whatever vibe I’m going for that day.

I make sure to pack one pair of sunglasses in my carry-on, so if my luggage goes missing I’ll still have a pair with me. They’re also super handy for grabbing quickly once you’ve landed, or hiding those giant bags that I always get on a long-haul flight.


Obviously a swimsuit is an essential for a beach holiday, and I pack about eight different ones. I actually only wear black swimsuits, I find them the most flattering and they’re super easy to mix and match. Maybe one day I’ll branch out into more colourful bikinis, but today is not that day.

My current favourite swimsuit is this high-waisted bikini – the bottoms being high-waisted means that I can eat as much food as I like without feeling super self conscious about how much I’m bloating. They also look so cute and pair really well with a ton of different tops! I love pairing them with this bra-like bikini top from ASOS.

So those are a few of my favourite travelling essentials! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what your travelling essentials are. See you next time,

A x


  1. Amber Atlanta
    July 26, 2019 / 10:44 AM

    Although mine aren’t prescription sunglasses, I did treat myself to the same style RayBan’s and I LOVE them. They make any outfit a bit more put together x
    Amber |

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