My New Missoma Pieces

Gold, dainty jewellery is my absolute favourite – especially if they’re pieces I can layer. I’m never not wearing my jewellery (anytime I buy more I just stack it on), and I honestly wouldn’t feel complete without my little accessories

I was fortunate enough to receive a few Missoma goodies for Christmas this year, and I also bought myself a little something in their insane sale, so I thought I’d show you guys my new accessories and how I love to wear them.

The first two things I got were the Large Horn Necklace (which was part of the collaboration with Lucy Williams) and the Turquoise December Birthstone Necklace. Just to clarify, I’m a March baby – not a December baby – but turquoise is my favourite stone and it appears in most of my jewellery.

These are both 18ct Gold Vermeil and absolutely stunning. I love the look of layered necklaces and I finally feel like I’ve completed the look with these two.

The Turquoise necklace ties in so well with the turquoise in my other necklace and the star choker that I wear. I’m also the biggest fan of satellite chains, I just think that extra bit of detail on the Horn necklace looks so pretty!

Next up I have the Crystal Single Wand Ring (which is the one I bought for myself in the sale). It’s actually gone down in price since I bought it (damn) and it’s now £30 instead of £75!

I love this ring because it’s really unique with the wand of quartz, and the open face is a super interesting design feature – and means that you can technically resize your ring if it’s a little too big/small.

I did actually get a faulty product with this ring because after two days of wearing it the crystal fell out, but I contacted Missoma and they sent me a replacement immediately! It should be arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait to start wearing it again, but I was so impressed with their customer service that I just wanted to let you guys know.

This is also 18ct Gold Vermeil, and the Clear Quartz is actually known as the master healer and supposedly brings good health and balance – I’ll take as much of that as I can get.

The final piece I have is the Lucy Williams Gold Beaded Coin Bracelet, again in 18ct Gold Vermeil. This also has a satellite chain which I love, and the tiny coin is so delicate and on-trend.

Delicate bracelets are my absolute favourites so I’m really happy to add this to my collection. It also has quite a good range of length so you can make this bracelet as big or small as you need, which is really handy with my stupidly small wrists (I have the same problem with my ankles, but we won’t go into that now).

This bracelet looks absolutely gorgeous just on its own, but I really want to buy I few more Missoma bracelets and stack them all – mostly just because I have an urge to buy everything on their website.

So those are my new Missoma accessories – I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments which your favourite piece is! See you next time,

A x

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