NEW Glossier Purchases (+ Reformulated Skin Tint!)

I’ve loved Glossier ever since I made my first purchase, and their ‘no-makeup’ inspired products have quickly become some of my favourites. Even the Wowder, which I initially hated, has become a well-loved staple of mine (an explanation will be in my next favourites post – I promise).

One of the biggest regrets I had after my purchase was not grabbing the Skin Tint – I knew I would love it but for some reason I didn’t pick it up. Of course, once I realised how much of an idiot I’d been I had to grab it (alongside their well-loved lip gloss and a tinted Boy Brow).

However, they actually released a reformulated version a couple days after I bought it, which was super annoying. Luckily, the people over at Glossier are so awesome and sent me (and anyone else who bought the old Skin Tint within that timeframe) the reformulated version for free – now that’s customer service, people.

Since I have both versions to test out, I thought I’d do a post on the differences between the new and old versions – as well as show you some of the other items I grabbed!


I love this product just as much as I thought I would – if you want to add a touch of a tint to your skin without covering anything up then you’ll love this. I can understand why some people think it’s pointless because it really has zero coverage, but for me it blurs my pores, adds radiance and a hint of colour whilst still looking like my skin – not like foundation – which is all I want. I actually like my skin to look a little flawed and imperfect, so I don’t want a lot of coverage to hide my freckles and the like.

I have the shade ‘Medium’ – which is my general shade in foundations as I lean a little warmer – and this matches me perfectly. Although I do think Glossier could expand their shade range a little (they only have five shades), this is so sheer that I’m pretty sure you could make most shades work, even if they’re not exact.

I really love the bottle of this: it’s simple and minimalist which I really love, plus it’s a plastic squeezy bottle so it’s really easy to travel with without worrying about anything breaking. Although it doesn’t seem like a huge bottle, I don’t find that I need that much of it – especially with the reformulated version as it spreads a long way.

This also wears incredibly well throughout the day because of how sheer it is – it’s not thick or heavy at all so it doesn’t go patchy or wear off weirdly.

Left: Reformulated, Right: Original Formula

In terms of the difference between the two formulas, I would say the new one is actually a lot better. It spreads a lot further and has a slightly more gel-like consistency, as opposed to the more watery formula of the original. I also think it’s a touch more pigmented, so it adds slightly more of a tint to the skin whilst still giving the same sheer effect.

I’m in love with the Skin Tint – especially for summer – and will absolutely be repurchasing once I’ve finished my two bottles. I get that some people find £20 too much for a product like this, but as someone who doesn’t want any coverage in a foundation, I’m happy to pay that much for natural, glowy looking skin.


I really thought I’d grown out of lip gloss, but this has totally changed my mind. I’m not a fan of pigmented lip glosses because I feel like they settle into the lines of my lips and make me look really old, so I love that this has the sheerest pink tint which is barely noticeable and doesn’t settle at all. My favourite thing about this lip gloss is that instead of settling into my lines, it actually fills them, so my lips look plumper and almost blurred – it’s kind of insane.

This is also a super high shine lipstick without being awfully sticky – obviously it will stick to your hair but it doesn’t go stringy when you put your lips together. It wears really nicely too, transforming from shiny to a little more balmy throughout the day. I absolutely love this lip gloss and would totally recommend it if you’re on the hunt for a good one.


I already bought the Boy Brow in ‘Clear’ in my first Glossier order, but I really wanted to try out a tinted version. Although Glossier don’t have a shade specifically for redheads, most auburn brow shades don’t work for me anyways as they lean too red, so I tend to opt for brown shades. As my hair leans more towards golden brown with auburn accents, this brown shade really works for me – however if your hair is redder than mine then you might want to go for the clear option.

The tint on this is so good that I can get away with only wearing this in my brows and still look put together, which is perfect for a lazy girl like me. If I have more time I might use a brow pencil as well to give my brows a little more shape and definition, but it’s really not that necessary.

The thing I love most about the Boy Brow is that – no matter whether you get the tinted or clear version – it always makes your brows look a lot fuller and bushier than they really are. I don’t know what they use in their formula, but it gives me the bushy brows of my dreams so I’m not complaining.

If you haven’t picked up the Boy Brow yet you really need to – it’s a cult favourite for a reason.

L-R: Lip Gloss, Boy Brow in ‘Brown’

This order has only made me love Glossier even more – I absolutely need to try the Lash Slick and Lid Stars next! I would recommend Glossier products to everyone, especially if you’re a fan of effortless, ‘no-makeup’ makeup.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what I should try next from Glossier. See you next time, 

A x

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