I’ve always wanted to be an organised person but somehow I’ve never quite managed it (unless I’m preparing to travel, in which case I become the most organised person you’ve ever seen). Maybe it’s something… View Full Post

I used to have really wavy hair, but after years of straightening, curling and just general damage, my hair had lost its curl. I’ve always preferred my hair wavy (I think that’s because it’s my… View Full Post

The weather is getting warmer and summer is on its way, so now is really the time to start preparing your summer wardrobe. Fortunately for me the majority of my wardrobe is made up of… View Full Post

It’s no secret that I love accessories, so when ADEXE contacted me about trying out one of their new Miniature Sistine watches I jumped at the chance. I’ve admired ADEXE watches for a long time… View Full Post

I always opt for waterproof/long-wearing eye makeup because I find that they are so much better at not smudging, creasing, flaking or generally fading throughout the day. So when I received a bunch of long-wear… View Full Post