Planning Your Post-Pandemic Getaway

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2020 wasn’t a great year for the travel industry. For now, 2021 looks set in the same direction. Unfortunately, the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has limited many things in our day to day lives and travel is most definitely one of them.

During a time where many of us are limited to going out to the supermarket or pharmacy, international travel is definitely off the cards, with the majority of overseas trips being reserved to essential business travel. Chances are, if you had any sort of trip planned over the past 12 months, you’ve found it was cancelled – either because countries had closed their borders, your work wouldn’t let you have enough time off to isolate when you returned, or you couldn’t find a travel insurance policy that would protect you against coronavirus. But this doesn’t mean that travel is off the cards forever.

Instead, we simply have to wait until vaccines have been rolled out and the virus is under control, then jet-setting should be back on the cards! Although we have no idea how long it will actually be before we can start travelling again, now is a great time to focus on how to make your first trip post-Covid one to remember. Here are some areas to focus on when planning your next trip!


The first thing you need to plan is your chosen destination. There’s a whole world out there to be seen, so browse different options and find something that falls well into your planned budget – whether that’s a short city break or two weeks somewhere tropical. You can start browsing flights, accommodation or package holidays to determine what will best tick all of your boxes.

Travel Essentials

Many of us find ourselves heading away without everything we wanted to take due to limited time to save and buy. Why not save and get your travel wish list over the next few months while you have a chance? This could be anything from a specific camera to take stunning shots to a travel scarf to look great in the snaps! Luggage, swimwear, day wear, hats, sunglasses… the list goes on.

Choosing a Companion

Who do you want to head away with? Choosing the right companion can make or break a trip, so put plenty of thought into it. Many of us haven’t seen our friends or family members for almost a year now, so think of who you’d really love to spend some quality time with and start planning with them – a giant group trip would be heaps of fun when we can all finally get back together, plus would really help to split the cost!

Deciding How Long to Go For

Travel may feel a little overwhelming for some after being cooped up for so long, so you may want to consider the length of your trip. For some, a weekend away will be a better start as a return to normality than a month long break.

Planning a trip can be a whole lot of fun and, right now, it can be a positive distraction from the whole pandemic situation. It can also create a light at the end of the tunnel for you to look forward to! There’s truly no better time to get planning.


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