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A brand I’ve really been wanting to try out recently is Milk Makeup, although it doesn’t look like I’ll get my hands on any of their products anytime soon as they currently don’t ship outside of the U.S.! If you haven’t heard of Milk Makeup, they’re a brand created by the media company Milk. Each of their products is built for the ‘cool girl’ on the go, as they’re all really quick and easy to apply and look perfectly natural. Although I’m unable to get any products from Milk at the moment, here are some of my favourite items that I’ll be lusting over until they bring the brand to the U.K.!


Sunshine Skin Tint

This product is a liquid foundation in a pen-style tube with a rollerball applicator, making this probably the quickest and easiest foundation you will ever apply. This product is also infused with a bunch of different oils to give your skin that perfect, dewy look, and can be easily blended out with your fingers. I would really love this foundation for days when I want to wear as little makeup as possible but still have my skin look its best, so I think this product would be really great for me. It also has SPF 30, so it’s a great, lightweight foundation for summer!


Holographic Stick

I’m totally loving the extreme highlight trend that’s happening at the minute, and this highlighter takes it to a whole new level. This is an iridescent lavender highlight stick that looks absolutely stunning; you can simply swipe or dab it on and you’re ready to go! This product is also infused with lots of hydrating ingredients, which will also help in smoother application and blending. I really love how different this product is, and I really wish I could get it!


Coverage Duo

This concealer has both a liquid formula with a rollerball applicator, as well as a ‘marshmallow’ formula concealer in a pot, which has a thicker, creamier texture perfect for hiding any blemishes or redness. The pot can also be removed, making it really easy to throw in your bag, or even your pocket, for future touch-ups. I really love that this has two concealers in one, and the design makes it so much faster to apply your makeup.


Weekend Lash Stain

One product I always feel like I need to wear is mascara, because my lashes are so light they’re practically nonexistent, but there are many days where I also just want to go completely makeup-free and give my skin a break. I love that I could apply this one day and it still be there a couple days later, it’s such a great product for a lazy girl like me! What’s really great about this lash stain is that it stays on even in water, so this would be the perfect thing to wear on holiday if you’re planning on swimming a lot.


Lip Marker

I really love lip stains because they’re so quick and easy, so I already know I’d love this product! Also, the packaging is so adorable, and the felt-tip applicator would make it super easy to apply and build up your lip colour. This is another product that’s infused with hydrating oils, so it shouldn’t be too drying like some lip stains can be. This is definitely a product that’s on my list whenever they bring it to the U.K.!

So those are all the products I’m lusting over from Milk Makeup. Something I especially love about the brand is that they’re completely vegan and cruelty-free, which is something really important to me as I’m trying to own only cruelty-free makeup products from now on!

Let me know in the comments what some of your products from Milk Makeup are, and if you’ve been lucky enough to try any!


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