Revamping Your Wardrobe Thrift Style

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Being stylish is practically a full-time job, and it can also be very expensive. Keeping up with the latest trends means that you need to delve into your wallet as well as your creativity banks. Still, most people think it’s worth it when they nail an outfit that makes them look and feel like a million dollars.

Not everyone feels this way though. You may want to be stylish while cutting back on the shopping trip expenses, and that probably gets you down because it seems impossible. However, we’re here to tell you that it can be done!

Take a look at these incredible ways to smash the thrift style out of the park.

Keep The Design – Change The Store

The odds are high that you’re shopping in the establishments that are notorious for starting and maintaining trends. Urban Outfitters is a classic example where people will pay top dollar for shirts, skirts, and footwear, to name a few. Unfortunately, UO uses their reputation to charge a little extra and price you out of their products. Therefore, the trick is to pick stores like Urban Outfitters where the trends are similar and prices lower. There are dozens to choose from, so have a look around and choose what is right for you – WildFox is brilliant if you prefer retro styles.

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Renew Your Core Items

Humans are like crows – we see a shiny object, and we want it right away. However, this attitude will cost you a small fortune. Instead, it’s better to stick with a core of small-yet-substantial pieces that offset every outfit. In winter, for example, knee-high boots and jeans are a killer combination. Summertime is more flowery dresses with light, airy accessories. If you stick with the staples for every season, you’ll turn heads and keep your shopping bill low.

Upcycle Old Clothes

Upcycling isn’t as hipster or as tricky as it sounds. All it involves is to take old, worn-out clothes and give them a new design. Do you have t-shirts that you never wear? Then use scissors to cut off the arms and make fashionable vests that are fantastic for staying fresh this summer. You can do the same with jeans by transforming them into shorts. What’s incredible about upcycling is that the rugged edges and rawness of your ‘new’ pieces gives them personality. And, a sense of character is hard to find these days when stores sell the same things!

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Revamp Your Wardrobe (Literally)

Stuffy closets don’t scream ‘wear me.’ As a result, it’s easy to look past amazing clothes that will enhance your style in a matter of minutes. That’s if you can find them in the mess and the clutter. Restructuring your closet will help you to see your outfits for what they are – stunning! With that in mind, you want to make sure that clothes are accessible. An alternative rail such as this one is a brilliant place to start as it eliminates the need for bulky materials.

What do you think? Are you ready to rock the fashionista thrift style?


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