Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder REVIEW

If you follow me on Instagram (@theauburnagenda) then you’ll know that I was counting down the days until the launch of the NEW Rimmel Brow Product. Now they’re finally here! These launched on the 15th of February, and I’ve been testing them out over the past several days so I could bring you guys a good, solid review. I do get PR from Rimmel and they were kind enough to send me all four shades, so I can swatch and review them all for you!

The idea of this product is really unique, as it’s similar to a brow powder however it’s loose and comes in a bottle container. At first I was a little sceptical about how easy this would be to use and if I would end up with brow powder everywhere – but because you shake it before using, the powder sort of comes together on the applicator and doesn’t spill anywhere. I actually love the applicator, although it’s rounded it’s super easy to fill in your brows with, and because it’s so tiny you can still create the perfect flick at the end of your brows.

Although it doesn’t look like you get that much product, one dip is all you need to fill in your entire brow so I guarantee it will last you a long time. It also delivers really even pigmentation, however still manages to look pretty natural because of the fact that it’s a powder. I find that I can do my brows really quickly and easily with this product – I’m done pretty much in a minute – so I love it for early mornings if I have to leave in a rush as I know it will never take me too long. This also doubles up as an eyeliner, so it’s excellent to travel with as it’s small and easy to carry.

L to R: Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Soft Black

My one complaint about this product is it’s lack of shade range – I really wish they had a better selection for redheads and lighter blondes. I’d love for them to bring out three more shades: a lighter shade, an auburn and a more ashy-toned darker shade, as I feel like that’s what the selection is missing. However, I’m able to make the medium brown shade work as long as I’m not too-heavy handed.




Please excuse the poor eyelashes – they like to work against me.

As you can see, it does a really great job of filling in my brows without looking too harsh or fake. I used the shade ‘Medium Brown’, and I love the warm undertones and think it matches pretty well with my natural hair colour. I naturally have quite big(ish) eyebrows but lots of the hair is so light that it’s difficult to even see – this product helps to really define those and give me the full, bushy brows that I love so much.

This product retails at £5.99, which I think is incredibly reasonable for how great a product it is. Although it is a powder, I’ve also found that it doesn’t smudge or go anywhere unless you wash it off with water – which is something I rarely find with brow powders and makes it even better to use as an eyeliner. Overall, I really like this product and I’d definitely recommend it as a much cheaper alternative to some of the ABH brow products if you’re on more of a budget – although those are amazing too.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this product out yet and what your thoughts are. See you next time,

A x



  1. candice
    February 22, 2017 / 8:03 AM

    Oh wow it looks like it works really well love the results

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. February 22, 2017 / 3:36 PM

    This sounds like a great product! It looks quite nice on your brows!

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