Sephora Face Mask REVIEW

I was recently bought these face masks by a friend from her trip to America, and I was so excited to use them! These Sephora face masks are sheet masks that have become a recent fad. They originate from Korea, and have risen to popularity due to the current obsession with Korean beauty products! These masks are supposed to be incredible for softer, glowing skin, as the sheets are marinated in the moisturising mask, allowing for quick absorption by the skin.


I was given two different types, a Ginseng mask for toning and revitalising and a Green Tea mask to mattify and fight blemishes. Both of these masks feel incredible, they’re super cool and refreshing on the skin, and left my skin so soft. I really noticed my skin looking a lot more hydrated and glowing, even into the next day! These masks are also really cheap, they’re only $6, plus they ship to the U.K.! I absolutely adored these face masks, they were so much easier to apply as well and were nowhere near as messy! They have a couple other types as well, so you can choose the best for your skin type, but I definitely think I’m gonna have to grab a few more!

You can buy them here!


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