Soap and Glory Clean Get Away REVIEW


I was recently given this set from a friend for my birthday – which is awesome because I love Soap and Glory! This set includes four different bath and body products from the range, but in travel-size, which is super handy for if you’re going on holiday or even just to pop into your bag. Each of these products is under 100ml, which means you can also take it onto the plane with you! Soap and Glory are pretty famous for their awesome gift sets, as well as their great products, so I always love getting more of them!


The first product I got in the set was the Hand Food hand cream, which is amazing! I’ve had this hand cream many times before, and it’s something I always go back to because it really is awesome! It also smells so good, kind of fruity and zesty, honestly I just love it! This is perfect for me, because it’s such a great size to just throw into my bag so I can use it whenever, and I can save my bigger version for home!


The next product I got was The Righteous Butter, one of the many super famous body butters that Soap and Glory sell. This product smells very similar to the hand cream (I believe all the products in the set have the same scent), and this is one product that really lives up to the hype. It’s really thick and moisturising, and leaves my skin feeling super soft.


I also got the Calm One Calm All body lotion in this set, which is probably my least favourite purely because I prefer a thicker body butter which moisturises my dry skin a lot better, but I still really like it! This would be a really great thing to travel with though, in case I wanted something more lightweight for the hotter weather. Plus, it sinks into the skin way faster than the body butter, making this product better for the daytime or if you’re about to go out, so you can get dressed almost immediately afterwards!


The last product in the set is this Clean On Me shower gel, which is probably the most handy thing to have with you when you travel! Also, can we appreciate how cute the names are of these products? Shower gel is always something I end up forgetting or using up when I’m away, so this would be perfect to take with me, plus the scent is seriously awesome.

So that’s all the products I got in this set. I absolutely adored this gift, and it has all the perfect products you need for when you’re travelling, and I can definitely see myself using all of these up the next time I go away! The best thing about this set is that you can buy all the products in full size, so this lets you try them out first and see what you like best! Plus, it’s only £10, which is really great value, you can get it here.


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