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It’s been a while since I’ve tried out a new (to me) brand, so when the lovely people at Know Cosmetics got in touch with me I jumped at the chance to try some of their products. I’d heard quite a lot about this brand, so I had pretty high expectations. I received most of the products from their line – the brow pencil, lip pencil, plumping lip gloss and concealer – so I can give you guys a pretty full review, the only product I don’t have is the lipstick topcoat but I really want to try it!

If you haven’t heard of Know Cosmetics, they’re a makeup company that creates products specifically to fix certain issues easily. If you’re looking for a way to declutter your makeup bag and keep only the essentials then this is the brand you need!


I seriously love plumping lip glosses, so I was super excited to see this. I’m usually very picky about my glosses, but this one is perfect. The fact that it’s clear makes it so awesome because it works with every lipstick shade, but it can also be worn on its own for a really natural look.

I also think this actually plumps up my lips, it makes them look really juicy and has a light tingling sensation but nothing too intense or painful. This is definitely one of my favourite products from the brand, if you love plumping glosses then you need to check this out!


The ‘No Dark Shadows’ is a brightening concealer that you can use under your eyes, on any blemishes and anywhere you want to brighten. I’m personally not a huge fan of this as I find it a little thick and drying on my under eyes, which may be more my fault then the product’s because I have ridiculously dry skin.

The other issue I have with this product is that it only comes in two shades, ‘Wow’ (which has pink undertones) and ‘Pizazz’ (which has yellow undertones). I have the shade ‘Pizazz’ which is my perfect summer shade but would be way too dark for anyone fairer than me, and both of these shades would also be too light for deeper skin tones. If they make a better range of shades then I think this concealer would be much better, but it’s just a little too heavy for me.


As a very lazy person I can never be bothered to find the right lip liner shade to match my lipstick, but this lip liner totally fixes that! It’s completely clear so it works with any lipstick, and it completely stops any of my lipsticks from bleeding. I really love that it’s a twist up too so that I don’t have to sharpen it (did I mention that I’m lazy?).

I’m not really into over-lining my lips, but if you are then this lip pencil probably won’t be great for you as it’s invisible. But if you just want something to stop your lipstick from bleeding then this is an awesome choice.


I usually hate universal brow pencils because they’re always too grey and cool-toned, but somehow this one is perfectly neutral. It’s such a true brown that it would work perfectly on people with both warm- and cool-toned brows – obviously though if you have super dark or light brows then this probably won’t work for you.

This has a clear wax pencil on the end to tame your brows, but I personally don’t love using this as I prefer to just use a brow gel to set my brows. It also comes with a sharpener and brush cap too so it really gives you everything you need, you can just chuck this in your makeup bag and it has all your brow issues sorted!

L-R: No Dark Shadows in ‘Pizazz’ and No Bare Brows

Overall I’m actually a huge fan of the brand, but I do feel like they could do with making some more shades to make the products accessible to everyone. Whilst I don’t love the concealer, I would definitely recommend the brow pencil, lip pencil and lip gloss! I’ll absolutely be trying the lip topcoat next because that sounds totally awesome.

So that’s my review of the Know Cosmetics brand! Let me know in the comments what you think of this brand and which products you’d like to try. See you next time,

– A x


  1. January 23, 2018 / 8:39 PM

    Great pics Amy! The lip plumping gloss sounds good!


  2. January 24, 2018 / 12:25 PM

    Some more shades would definitely be beneficial, this is such an interesting brand. I really like the sound of the invisible lip liner, it seems so much more practical than trying to buy a lip liner to match every shade of lipstick you own. Definitely going to look into purchasing one! x


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