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I was recently lucky enough to be sent an amazing box of goodies from the lovely people at Me Thyme, and I’m super excited to share with you all today some of their awesome products! In case you haven’t heard of the brand, Me Thyme are a company who specialise in bath and body products ranging from soaps and lotions to bath salts and candles. Their main aim is to encourage women to take time for themselves, and to have a little me time. Me Thyme’s products are also free of parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, sulfates, petroleum and animal testing, as well as being vegan, proving that they’re a really incredible company!


The first product I received is a Shea Butter Soap. I love that this contains shea butter because a lot of soaps can be very drying, especially for my sensitive skin, but this soap keeps me clean as well as moisturised! I got the scent Orange Peel, which smells so good and makes me feel super awake and refreshed when I use it in the morning. Plus, this soap is only $6, which is a great price for such an awesome product.


The next products I got were three of these Shea Butter Lotions, and again I love the addition of the shea butter because it keeps my skin feeling super soft. I got three different scents, Lemongrass, Lavender and White Tea and Aloe – White Tea and Aloe is possibly one of my favourite scents ever. It is seriously so good, it just smells super refreshing and zesty, honestly it’s amazing, and it’s only $11!


Next I got 3 different scented Shea Body Butters, Orange, Vanilla and Amazing. I really love all of these, the texture of them is sort of whipped so it feels extra creamy and moisturising on the skin, and it’s very different to any other body butter that I’ve tried. I really love the Vanilla scent, because let’s be honest anything vanilla-scented is awesome, but the Amazing scent really lives up to it’s name! It smells a little sweet and kinda like baby powder, which I love, but it’s a lot lighter than some of the other scents which is a nice contrast. These body butters are also a really great price at only $14!


The final products I got from Me Thyme are these Sugar Scrubs, and these are definitely my favourites from the whole range. The sugar crystals are just the right size to really allow you to scrub away dead skin, but aren’t too harsh either, so it’s the perfect combination! The scents are also really awesome, I got Vanilla, Amazing and Orange Peel and I absolutely love all three of these! These scrubs are $10, which really is an amazing price, and if you only want to buy one thing from Me Thyme you should definitely make it these!

I really loved every single product I received from Me Thyme, and I already know I’m going to have to buy more as soon as I run out! One of the best things about Me Thyme is that you can choose out of six different scents the one you would like most for your product, Lemongrass, Vanilla, Amazing, White Tea and Aloe, Orange Peel and Lavender. However, if you don’t love scented bath and body products, they also have unscented, so you can still enjoy the products without the scent! This really is a great company, and I think it is really important that we all indulge in a little me time every now and then to keep us happy and healthy.

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    April 25, 2016 / 1:24 PM

    gurl i just wanted to let u know that ur blog is fab <3 keep it up <3

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