Superdrug Face Masks


I recently got a couple of these face masks from Superdrug – because who doesn’t love face masks – and I’m so excited to try these out! They have a really huge range of these at Superdrug, plus they’re super cheap at only 99p! I love packs like these where you can try out a bunch of different masks for barely any money, and then decide what you love most and what works best for your skin.


The first mask I have is a Superfruit Exfoliating Mask, which has raspberry, cranberry and fruit extracts that help to cleanse and purify pores, plus natural clay to soak up excess oil. It also has strawberry seeds to exfoliate away any dead skin, leaving your skin looking wonderfully glowy! I can’t wait to try out this mask, especially because it’s an exfoliator and face mask combined, and for 99p it’s definitely worth it. Get one here!


The next mask I have is a Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask. I’m all about clay masks, they always make my skin look and feel incredible, so I’m sure I’ll love this product. Plus it has witch hazel and willow bark extract to deeply clean pores, and it smells like lemon! I’m definitely looking forward to trying out this mask, I have a feeling it’s gonna be awesome! You can buy it here.


My last mask is a Sugar & Spice Self-Heating Mask. I absolutely love using self-heating masks because they just make my skin feel incredible! This one contains caramel and Mediterranean clay to help to brighten the skin, which is definitely something I need now that we’re into Spring. It’s also scented with cinnamon and vanilla, so I’m sure this mask will be a treat to use, and would be perfect for a pamper day! You can pick one up here.

So that’s all the face masks I got from Superdrug this time, I can’t wait to try them all out! Let me know what face masks you love and if there are any you think I should try out!



  1. Katarina
    June 2, 2018 / 3:12 PM

    I bought one.. Now my face is red and feels like burning! That was after keeping it for only 5 mins..

    • June 14, 2018 / 1:32 PM

      Oh I’m sorry that happened to you, I didn’t have that experience at all! Everyone has different skin types that reacts with different things though

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