April has definitely flown by, and for about five seconds it even seemed like spring had sprung. The weather seems to have regressed back to cold showers unfortunately, but I’m hoping May will bring some… View Full Post

March is nearly over and it’s still not warm yet – what’s up with that? I’m really hoping that April will bring some sunshine because I’m so sick of being cold. This month has really gone… View Full Post

I can’t believe we’re already three months into 2018 – it’s crazy how quickly this year is going by! It totally doesn’t feel like March though – I really need some sunshine to replace this… View Full Post

January is finally over. I know everyone’s been talking about how long January has felt, but it really has felt like the longest month ever. I’m very happy that we’re now into February and a step… View Full Post

IT’S DECEMBER TOMORROW! I’m beyond excited because I’ve just finished my first term of uni and can now focus all of my energy on one of the things that I love the most, Christmas. I hope you… View Full Post