Tarte First Impressions | What I Got in my Custom Kit

I’ve been wanting to try out Tarte for the longest time, but I never really knew what to get. I thought it seemed practically impossible to get in the UK (boy was I wrong), and I always seem to miss out on the best offers on QVC.

Twice a year Tarte do the most insane offer of a custom kit, giving you six (technically seven with the makeup bag) full-size items for only £56 – bargain right?! I’ve always wanted to grab it, but lack of funds/fear of customs put me off. I finally made the jump last week, and I’m so glad I did. The entire set (not including the price of the makeup bag) should have been £131, so it’s even better than half price!

Just to get the most important piece of info out of the way: yes, Tarte ship to the UK from their website, and no you don’t have to pay customs – that’s already covered in the cost of the products. I believe you can also get free shipping to the UK when you spend over £40, so there’s really no reason not to order from their site!

Shipping is also super fast, this came in just over a week (I ordered on a Wednesday night and it arrived the next Thursday) – I can’t tell you how impressed I am. I’ll definitely be making more orders from their website in the future.

Since this is my first time ever trying anything from Tarte, I thought I’d give you my complete first impressions of everything I bought. I’ve only had these products for a day so I can’t give you a full, in-depth review – but that’s what first impressions are all about, right?


There was a lot of controversy around this foundation, and I definitely don’t love the lack of diversity in shades, however there were only so many base products to choose from for the custom kit so I didn’t have much choice. I was super interested in trying it before I saw the awful shade range though, so it’s not like it’s a product I didn’t want.

I’m still yet to try the Shape Tape concealer, trust me I want to, but I know how hyped up it is and how excited everybody was for the foundation version. I obviously had to choose the hydrating one because of my dry skin, and I pretty much gambled with the shade choice (though with so many white shades I could hardly go wrong *rolls eyes*). 

Luckily this matches me pretty well (ignore how dark the swatch looks above, it’s the lighting/editing), and so far I think I like it. It has a little more coverage than I’m used to, when Glossier Skin Tint is your go-to that tends to happen, but the finish is really nice and it wears super well. I’ll probably do a full review after I’ve tried it out for longer, but so far so good! 


I thought this was a great addition to my custom kit, because it basically allows me to try three Tarte products in one! This smells so good – kind of like chocolate and vanilla – and it’s such a perfect little palette for travelling.

I’ve heard amazing things about Tarte highlighters and I can totally see why – they’re very blinding but also have a natural, wet look about them. The powders themselves are all really smooth and blend well, so I’m liking them so far!

L-R: ‘gleam’, ‘burst’, ‘chisel’

The palette has two highlighters: ‘gleam’, a pink-champagne, and ‘burst’, a light gold. Both of these are absolutely stunning, but I think I’m liking ‘gleam’ just a little more for the winter months. I find the contour shade, ‘chisel’, a little too warm to contour with, but it works really nicely as a bronzer!


The Amazonian Clay Blushes are total cult classics, so I knew I had to add one to my kit. I’ve actually been eyeing up ‘Exposed’ for the longest time now, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

These blushes are supposed to last a really long time on the skin, and just from swatching it I could tell that right away. I honestly couldn’t get the swatch of this off of my wrist without using makeup remover, which is something that never normally happens with powder blushes.

The shade is so pretty too, it’s a beautiful nude blush with just a hint of soft pink. This is the kind of shade that works with any makeup look, so I’m really glad I have this in my collection now!


I pretty much solely use metallic bronzes on my eyes, so I had to have this. It’s such a pretty bronze shade, and would look gorgeous blended all over the lid and into the crease for a super metallic, blown out smokey eye. 

I’m so impressed with this formula, it’s insanely pigmented and creamy – plus it blends like a dream.

I absolutely love how intensely metallic this shadow is, it’s so perfect for a dramatic look for the holiday season – or any season, really. This makes me really want to try one of Tarte’s eyeshadow palettes!


This mascara is another cult classic – or at least the ‘Lights, Camera, [insert type here]’ range is – and I’ve been desperate to try it out for the longest time. I decided to get the waterproof version because I only ever buy waterproof mascaras, and from my first test I actually really like it. I’m very picky about my mascaras, but this balances volume with definition perfectly without any clumps.

The wand has a fibre brush, which is my preferred type, and it’s a good size without being too big and getting mascara all over your eyelids. This mascara promises to lengthen, curl, volumize and condition, plus it’s safe for contact lens wearers! So far I’m impressed, but I’ll give you guys an update once I’ve tried it for longer.


I heard amazing things about these lipsticks when they were launched, and I’m so happy I finally have one in my collection. I absolutely love the packaging – you can bet your ass this is being displayed on my vanity. 

I chose the shade ‘Vacay’, which is a beautiful cool nude-rose (and basically the only shade I ever buy). This claims to be a creamy matte finish but it’s definitely a satin – I actually prefer this though because it makes it a lot more hydrating. It also says it will last 12 hours, which I haven’t had a chance to test yet but I’ll get back to you!

So far I really like this lipstick, it’s super creamy and pigmented but still hydrating – what more could you want?

So those are the products that I chose for my custom kit! I still can’t believe that Tarte do this deal, it’s seriously such a bargain. I’m really impressed with everything I’ve tried from them so far, and I just know I’ll be making another order in the (near) future. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments whether you’ve heard about the Tarte Custom Kits and what you’d get in yours! See you next time,

A x

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