The Best 3 Travel Trends for 2020

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The way in which we travel is slowly evolving. There are lots of great new ways to travel that offer an alternative to the typical all-inclusive beach resort or a city weekend away. Thanks to increased connectivity, advances in technology and innovative accommodation offerings, travel looks very different even from just 10 years ago!

As we enter a new decade there are more opportunities for unique travelling experiences than ever before. In this article, we explore the best three travel trends for 2020. 

1. Sustainable Travel

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As the world becomes increasingly aware of our negative impact on the planet, the way in which we travel is shifting. Eco-conscious travellers have been around for a while but it’s only now that people are really exploring the ideas they have to offer. 

We can all travel more sustainably through simple efforts such as flying less and instead, using alternative modes of travel such as trains and ferries (where possible). Those that fly now also have the option to offset their carbon emissions. When travelling we can choose to use zero-waste travel products including reusable mugs, bottles, and bamboo cutlery – you can even seek out eco-friendly accommodation that take serious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and helps support the local people in the areas you’re visiting. 

2020 is set to be the year sustainable travel goes mainstream, which we think is great news for us and the planet.

2. Vegan Hotels

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Veganism was everywhere in 2019 and it’s set to continue to dominate headlines across the world throughout this decade. An increasing number of people are going vegan in a bid to help save the animals, reduce their impact on the planet and for personal health reasons.

The travel industry is more than aware of this growing trend with many airlines offering vegan meals, vegan hotels being launched and even complete vegan retreats being offered. Travelling as a vegan can be difficult, especially in those countries where meat and dairy are the main focus of the local cuisine. Vegan hotels and resorts allow people to go and enjoy a space free from animal cruelty offering great vegan meals, vegan products, and interiors made using cruelty-free materials.

You don’t have to be a vegan to stay at these venues – in fact, we’d encourage everyone to try them out! – but it’s probably important that you enjoy your plant foods and are open to trying new things.

3. Exploring Your Backyard

Photo by Felix on Unsplash

This trend is again linked to a more sustainable form of travelling and those that are short on the funds to travel overseas. We are all desperate to jet off to the beaches of Bali or mountains of Peru but how much of your own country have you explored? 

There are many benefits to exploring your own country such as cheaper transport, avoiding taking flights, paying back into the local economy and getting more in touch with your own heritage. Those who have not spent much time discovering the top destinations in their own country will be surprised at what is on offer. Boat clubs, flying lessons, extreme sports, scooter city tours, and trampolining in caves are just some of the amazing experiences you won’t find overseas. 

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