The best face masks for travelling

One thing I always make sure I take with me when travelling is a hydrating mask – bonus points if it’s an overnight mask. I feel like I say this almost everyday at this point, but there is nothing more drying than plane cabins.

To try to beat the drying air, I do a full, in-flight skincare routine (blog post on that coming shortly) and a huge part of that skincare routine is a face mask. I love overnight masks because they’re super hydrating, go on completely clear (so you don’t look like a weirdo to the other passengers, and you don’t have to worry about having to wash it off.

The other great thing about overnight masks is that they are way better for the environment than single-use sheet masks. Although sheet masks are quick and easy to use on a flight, they’re just as bad as makeup wipes for the environment, and I also don’t find that they do as good of a job.

So now that I’ve gone on a little rant about why you should be using overnight masks of planes, here are my favourites!


This is one of my all-time favourite masks for when my skin is feeling dry, it’s so intensely hydrating but doesn’t feel like you have a sticky mask all over your face (I also just ran out of it, which is why I couldn’t take a photo of it – my bad). My skin absorbs this incredibly quickly, and it leaves my face hydrated, smooth and glowing. It’s also really cooling, which is great for de-puffing my incredibly tired skin. I love getting the sample/travel size tubes so I don’t have any issues with security!


I love using this mask when my skin is looking pretty dull and dehydrated and just needs a lot of love. I find that this really helps to plump and revitalise my skin, which is exactly what I need on a long-haul flight. I think my skin takes a little longer to absorb this than the GLAMGLOW mask, but it doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing a face mask, more like a thick, gel-based moisturiser.


I love this mask because it feels more like a moisturiser than a face mask, so it sinks in really quickly. It immediately makes my skin feel incredibly soft, and you don’t need a lot so this bottle will definitely last a long time. I like to apply a thick layer of this so my skin has a bit of a barrier against the drying air, and I really appreciate that the tube is under the 100ml liquid limit!

So those are my favourite overnight face masks for travelling, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found something new to take with you on your travels! Let me know in the comments what your plane skincare staples are. See you next time,

A x

*Although I received this product for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Read more in my disclaimer.

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