The Best Shadows for Radiant Eyes

My whole goal with makeup is to make my face look as glowy and radiant as possible – and that includes my eyes. It’s not exactly on-trend to have an entirely shimmery lid and crease, but I’m nothing if not a rule-breaker.

Having a super radiant eye look pairs so well with glowy skin, and gives me that summertime, golden hour look I’m after. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely an ~aesthetic~ look that I’m really into.

In case anyone is interested on hopping on board my untrendy trend, I put together my favourite shadows to achieve this radiant eye look. I also shot this at golden hour for ultimate glowiness – you’re welcome.


I only recently bought this after eyeing it up for ages, and it’s already become my new favourite shadow. Cream products are the best for adding a glow to the skin, and this one is no different.

This is a beautiful champagne shade that looks absolutely stunning when it catches the light, and it stays metallic all day without fading or transferring.

A little goes a long way with this product, so I just get a tiny amount of product on my index finger and tap it onto my eyelids for ultimate glowiness. I have a feeling this shadow will last me years with how little I need to use of it.

They also have a variety of other shades from bronzes to a peacock blue, but I’m still majorly in my natural makeup phase at the moment so ‘Jean’ is definitely my favourite.


If powders are more your thing, this is an amazing palette that nobody (other than me) ever seems to talk about. The shades are so pigmented (see swatches below for evidence) and give you the option to go really subtle or super bright – or even somewhere in between.

The shades are so shimmery and metallic too, and go on equally as well with either a brush or your fingers. 

This palette is only £16, which I think is an absolute bargain for the quality you’re getting. If you’re a fan of shimmery shadows then you definitely need to check this out.


This is my favourite Colourpop shadow ever ever ever. It’s bronzey and glowy and beautiful and I can’t fault it one bit (can you tell I love it?).

The Super Shock Shadow formula is the most incredible mix between a powder and cream shadow, giving you ultimate radiance with serious staying power.

This is really the perfect golden hour shadow (is there such a thing?) – it creates the prettiest bronze glow, and the iridescent glitter with a blue shift looks so unbelievably beautiful when it catches the light.

If you only ever get one thing from Colourpop, please let it be this.


This is my favourite ever eyeshadow palette – I love it so much that I bought a back-up (something I’ve never done) because it was limited edition and I didn’t think I could ever live without it.

It’s basically a highlighter palette for your eyes (which is in the name, ‘Eyelights’ – something that took me months to figure out), and contains eyeshadow versions of some of BECCA’s most popular highlights.

This is the perfect palette if you really want your eyes to glow, and you can even use the brown shade as a crease colour because it has more of a satin finish. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this palette – and you can even still find it online in some stores!


So those are my favourite products to give you the most radiant eye looks, in case you’re like me and want to look like a person who can produce their own light. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments how you feel about the radiant eye look! See you next time,

A x


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