The jewellery trend for summer: Shell edit

I’m so into the shell jewellery trend that’s happening right now – it’s super casual and beachy, which is really what I’m all about.

I kind of went a little overboard with buying shell jewellery for this summer, I bought them months before going travelling (which is the main reason I bought them) and got basically every type of shell jewellery there is bar shell rings (which now that I’m thinking about, I should probably get).

I got so into this shell trend that I even bought a top with cowrie shells lining the bottom hem – I may or may not wear all of my shell items together and be totally shell overkill.

I really love the cowrie shell choker, it makes me feel like a surfer even though I’ve never surfed in my life. I think it pairs really well with my gold layered necklaces too, and creates a really nice balance of boho style.

I also bought a slightly longer, singly cowrie shell necklace which I’m planning on layering with the choker for a really beachy look. It has the potential to be a little much, but if you can’t stack yourself in shell necklaces on a beach holiday then when can you?

I picked up a cowrie shell bracelet which looks almost exactly like the choker, and I’m planning on pairing it with a braided friendship-style bracelet for a kind of festival aesthetic.

The last piece of shell jewellery that I picked up is this cowrie shell anklet, which I think might be my favourite of the bunch. It has gold beads separating the shells, making this unique from the other shell pieces I bought. It’s super bohemian, and I love that it’s adjustable because a lot of anklets end up being too big for me.

All of the shell jewellery I bought are from small business I found on Etsy, so I’ve linked them so you can give support whilst grabbing cute, summery jewellery!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you think of this trend and which piece was your favourite! See you next time,

A x

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