Threads Beauty Lashes REVIEW

I was recently sent some lashes to review by the lovely people from Threads Beauty Co. and I was super excited to try them out and share them with you guys! I’m not the type of person who wears false lashes super often, more just for special events or if I’m doing a certain type of makeup look, so I don’t actually own that many. This made me extra excited to receive some new ones that I could play around and experiment with!

I was sent five pairs of lashes (two of which were the same type so I didn’t photograph both); the Vava Voom Lashes, Charleston Lashes, Be Bop Lashes and Celestial Lashes.

I love that they sent me a couple of different options, because the Be Bop and Charleston Lashes are perfect for a more toned-down look whereas the Celestial and Vava Voom Lashes are better for full glam. I absolutely love the Vava Voom Lashes which I wore for two of my Valentine’s Day makeup looks, however I think my favourites are the Celestial Lashes because of how pretty and fluttery they are!

Wearing the Vava Voom Lashes

Wearing the Vava Voom Lashes

These lashes are super easy to apply and they come with glue which is a huge plus! I think that the banding is a little thick, but that can be easily covered with liner and really is me just trying (and failing!) to find a fault because I love everything about these lashes. They have so many other gorgeous lashes on their website which you can check out here, I’m currently crazy obsessed with the Emil0o and Rock Chic Lashes! These lashes also only cost £9, which is an awesome bargain for the quality you’re getting.

I totally love these lashes, and will definitely be looking into getting some more! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments which one of these is your favourite pair of lashes and which ones you’d like to try out the most! See you next time,

A x


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