Three Favourite Red Lipsticks for Autumn

Autumn and red lipstick go hand-in-hand, there’s just no shade better suited for the season. I actually love a red lip any time of the year, but autumn and winter is my favourite time to wear it.

Finding the perfect red lip can be quite tricky – there are so many different shades, undertones and finishes to be considered. I personally love a red with blue undertones – especially for A/W – but an warm-toned red can be absolutely stunning too.

I don’t have a particular favourite finish when it comes to red lipsticks, although I think a matte finish comes pretty close. A glossy red lip, however, is so high fashion and a look I’m really into.

With so many different finishes of lipsticks nowadays, it all comes down to personal preference and the look you’re going for.

I’ve chosen my three favourite red lipsticks for autumn – all with different finishes – to show the different looks you can achieve. Here they are!



I love a deep, berry-toned red in autumn – I just find it a little more interesting than a true red. This is possibly my favourite red lipstick of all time, it’s slightly deeper and richer than your classic red so it looks a little more vampy. Even though it’s a red, it’s so easy to wear and would look beautiful on all skin tones. 

Although this is supposed to be a matte finish, it’s a little closer to a satin as it has a slight sheen. I actually love this because I find it makes it a little less dramatic and therefore better for everyday – plus it’s a lot more moisturising!



I’m normally not a liquid lipstick kind of girl, but I can’t get enough of this one (it is Rihanna though, so it makes sense that I’d love anything she makes). This lipstick is a very true red – it’s bright and totally screams glamour (or Christmas). It’s the kind of colour that makes you feel strong, confident and like you could take over the planet – exactly what you want from a red lipstick.

The matte finish on this is very matte, but, thankfully, not overly drying. It doesn’t completely dry down though, so I’d recommend wearing this with a lip liner so it doesn’t bleed or smudge.



Sometimes I don’t want to wear a really intense red lip, so a sheer balm is a great alternative. This still gives my lips that red hue, but in a much more subtle way – almost creating a red wine-stained look. 

The fact that it’s a balm means that the finish is a lot more glossy, which is great if you want a more natural look. As it’s a balm, it’s also super hydrating – perfect for the cooler autumn months. This is an awesome way to wear a red lip during the daytime if you don’t want something so bold and vibrant, but still want to embrace the season.

Top to Bottom: Ilia ‘Arabian Knights’, Charlotte Tilbury ‘Shanghai Nights’, Fenty Beauty ‘Uncensored’

So those are my three favourite red lipsticks for autumn! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments which one is your favourite. See you next time,

A x

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